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Sisters In Sports Announcement

Hello Sisters,

Welcome to the new Sis and our exciting new home at WWW.SIS.LIFE. Over the last year we’ve been listening, planning and evolving. We are so excited about the result—a refreshed, revitalized community for women just like you.

We’ve changed our name from Spouses In Sports to Sisters In Sports so we can better celebrate what this organization really stands for. Sisterhood. Not for a few, but all women living the Sis Life.

Bonded by the life
This is so much more than a website. It’s a movement. Few people understand what it’s like to be the significant other of someone in the sports world. But we do and so do your Sisters. This is your safe haven to connect with that special group of women who get what this unique experience is all about.

The power of together
Inspire and be inspired. Support and be supported. Connect and be connected. That’s the mission of the new Sis. We’ve been dreaming up new ways to build the ultimate community of ladies living the Sis Life. You’ll find original articles and information, upcoming events for Sisters, ways to meet and share information and the latest tools to get through the day.

Once a Sis, always a Sis
Spouse or partner, active or retired, married, divorced or widowed—it doesn’t matter to us. Wherever you are on this unique journey, you are a Sister for life. You can count on each member to stand by your side through every phase.

Join the movement
Come be inspired by this exceptional community. Join our private Facebook group. Check in daily for news and insights tailored just to Sisters, and get connected with each other in person. Participate in activities and events, and help us tackle some of the most important issues facing Sisters In Sports and your incredible families.

We are so excited about the future. Jump in now and join us on this crazy, unique, amazing ride, Sis.

Powered by together,

& the Sis Team

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