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Featured Sis: Korrin Torres

Featured Sis: Korrin Torres

We recently caught up with our beautiful and wise young baseball Sis, Korrin Torres! Korrin is the wife of MiLB outfielder, Nick Torres. She is accomplished in her own right as a graduate of Oregon State University, former assistant producer with FOX Sports and creator of her own brand and YouTube channel, “The Baseball Gypsy”. Read on to learn more about Korrin and how you can follow her story online!

How did you and Nick meet? Tell us about your family.

In 2012 I made a last minute decision to intern for the Corvallis Knights baseball team. I was attending Oregon State University and pursuing a degree in communications & media with an emphasis on sports. Nick was attending Cal Poly University and came to play summer ball for the Knights. I became known as “camcorder girl” to the team who only knew me from a distance. While editing my film there was something I noticed, Nick was always looking at me. Nick and I started talking here and there, and before I could catch myself that boy had swept me off my feet! It was that young summer love you see in movies. We were inseparable, not paying any mind to the fact summer would eventually end. It hurt more than I thought it ever would having to say goodbye to Nick. To my surprise, the calls came every day and through learning and growing we continued to fall in love.Korrin & Nick Torres

With a lot of help from our family Nick and I learned how to make long distance work. My Dad is a pilot and I grew up in a family that cherished our time together, as well as learned how to manage when my dad was gone. My Mom is the Dean at a college in Oregon and taught me how to be independent and strong. Nick is also very close with his family and together our families have supported and loved us through a lot of ups and downs. We are blessed to have family that prays for us and cheers for us as a couple, not just for Nick’s future but for OUR future. Our families taught us how to forgive, how to be kind no matter what life brings, and to never give up on our dreams. We wish we could give them the world for what they have done for us, and we pray that they know how much we love and appreciate each and every one of them.

Where has Nick’s baseball journey taken you so far? How has it been adjusting to life on the road?

Nick & Korrin TorresNick and I have seen so much during this adventure we call baseball. We have lived in Wisconsin, Oregon, California, Arizona and now Texas. This move to Texas was the 16th time I have moved since we’ve been together, which gives people a better idea of how crazy this gypsy life really is. We did long distance for over 4 years so we were both ready to be together. The packing up and moving around part isn’t difficult for me because I was doing it so much anyway. The hard part is finding my purpose on the road, which I know a lot of women in this lifestyle struggle with. Although I stay surprisingly busy, sometimes I still struggle with not having a paying job. I may not have it all figured out but I have fallen in love with going new places, meeting new people and more than anything being together as a family. Although the money might be tight and not being in one place very long has it’s challenges, I have promised myself this will be an adventure we are going to laugh through and when we look back at it we are going to smile.

You have made the decision to leave your blooming career as an assistant producer with FOX Sports in order to travel with your husband. Tell us about that!

This decision was a lot easier than people may think. I love talking to people about this because there have been some opinions from others that this decision we made was a mistake. Before this decision was made I was a girl that had something to prove. I wanted an “impressive” job title and to be honest, I never understood the women who gave up their careers to travel. I worked extremely hard for what I had and I loved the process of getting to where I was, but I came to a point where I had to admit I was now miserable. Man, did God shake up my heart! After Nick and I got married some events took place and I entered a dark place in my life. The things I was going through shook me to my core and I begged God to show me the way. I asked for understanding and I asked for the courage to do what He wanted me to do. On a plane ride home from Houston Texas the answers hit my heart in a heavy way. I needed to let go of the hurt I was experiencing by staying where I was and do what had been put on my heart. That was to be together as a family and start my documentary about our journey through the minor league lifestyle. For the first time in my life, I felt like I had a bigger purpose than what my job title was.

I was scared of how the people in my life would react to this decision, but to my surprise I had an overwhelming amount of support. Before, I thought I would have to give up my career in order to be with Korrin Torres Fox SportsNick and maybe that’s how some people view this situation. What I know is this decision took more courage than I’ve possessed in years. It took more faith and trust in the Lord’s plan than my heart has allowed me to feel in a long while. At the end of the day, you have to be proud of yourself and know that nothing is more important than what God has put on your heart to do. So I say this, I am rooting for the women working hard at whatever career it is they are pursuing and I am rooting for the women that have made the brave decision to be a stay at home mom to raise their children or be with the man that they love. When people talk about my husband I’d much rather hear them say he is a kind, good man rather than he is good at baseball. Your job, whatever it may be, does not define you. I want women to know I’ve had the “impressive” job and yet I am the happiest I’ve been in a long time sleeping on an air mattress somewhere in Texas creating my own brand I’ve named The Baseball Gypsy. I have big dreams and this chapter of my life doesn’t change that. Don’t give up on your dreams, but don’t be scared to go another direction if your dreams change.

Tell us more about “The Baseball Gypsy” and what inspired it.

The Baseball GypsyWorking at Fox and other previous jobs I fell in love with editing. I love being able to create a story and I think this is a story that needs to be told. Although I try to keep my videos positive, I want people to see what the minor league life is really like. I want people to see more in depth what these guys and their families experience. I also want to try and give tips to anyone who lives a similar lifestyle. It has warmed my heart to hear from so many people who have been watching The Baseball Gypsy. I have had girls dating college players write me and thank me for helping them see what the next step might be like. I remember being in their shoes! I remember having NO idea what we were headed for when Nick got drafted and I was so scared. I want them to know it will be OK if this is the path they end up on. I’ve had player’s Moms reach out to me and thank me for showing them more about what the guys do during a day. I’ve heard from people who are just baseball fans say that they have enjoyed seeing more behind the scenes of what this life is like for us. I didn’t want to give up the things I loved to do and I thought what better way to continue doing it than to use our lives as the story. My work might not be on Fox Sports anymore but sometimes you don’t need a big stage to be heard.

Do you feel that you were prepared for the crazy baseball lifestyle? What is MiLB life like? How have resources like Sis helped?

I had someone tell me before we started this that I was crazy for making the decision to travel with him. My response was, “it’s all crazy… you just have to choose what crazy you want”. The crazy we chose this time around was to be together. I don’t think you can ever be fully prepared for what you don’t know. I read a few blogs and talked to a few women that have done this before, but everyone’s journey is different. I am thankful I was raised by my mom who taught me I can move any mountain I want to move, whether it’s Korrin Torrespreparing Easter dinner by myself for a bunch of baseball players or moving to a different state by myself with a car full of things and a puppy. I am also extremely thankful I have been surrounded by amazing people rooting me on through this. The minor league lifestyle is unpredictable. You never really know where you are going or how long you will be there. Because minor league pay isn’t glamorous we choose to save where we can, like not having furniture. It is hard on the mind and the body, especially for the guys. You learn to appreciate what a real bed feels like from sleeping on an air mattress and you have to learn how to make a bare apartment feel like home. The best thing I did was create The Baseball Gypsy and start connecting with other women who can relate to my life through resources like Sisters In Sports. Before this, I was guarded to opening up to meeting other women in this lifestyle. I let a few negative situations deter me from putting myself out there and learning how incredible some of the women in this lifestyle are. Thankfully, that changed this year and I couldn’t be more excited to continue to meet and form lifelong friendships with women who support and encourage me. During Spring Training I took a leap of faith and attended some events that allowed spouses in sports to come together and meet each other. I encourage women to be brave and have faith that by doing this you WILL meet good women who are genuine and kind. Sometimes it can be scary putting yourself out there but I think it is crucial to surround yourself with people that “get it”.

Part of the mission of Sisters In Sports is to connect Sisters across all sports. Tell us about Sisterhood friendships that you have developed and how they help get you through this Sis Life!

It makes me a bit emotional thinking about this one! When Nick played baseball at Cal Poly University, I was still attending Oregon State University but traveling to visit him often, especially during season. There were a few girlfriends there that welcomed me with open arms and to this day they are some of my closest friends. A few of my bridesmaids that were in my wedding are women I met in this baseball world as well. There is no one in the world that gets it like the women that are living the same life. They get the heartache, they get the triumph, and they get the roller coaster ride we call sports. I adore the women I am lucky enough to call my friends that I’ve met in the sports world. Just like you will need them, they will need you too!

What have you learned so far on this Sis Life journey that you wish someone had told you before it all started?

There’s two things. The first is that it will be OK. It’s hard and it’s scary, but God is good and he will provide. I worried myself sick about things that were beyond my control and looking back I wish I would have had more faith. Yes, there will be bumps and for some there will even be earthquakes that will feel like your world is crumbling around you. You will be OK. The sports world has a way of making you feel on top of the world one minute and questioning everything the next. Hold tight to what is constant! Deuteronomy 31:6 says, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

The other thing is important, and something I unfortunately took a long time to learn. I had this idea of what a baseball wife should be, and the further along we got into this thing the more pressure I felt to try to fulfill this make-believe role. I felt like I had to have it all together and needed to portray the same perfection in my relationship. It makes me sad to think about how much time I wasted feeling like I needed to wear a mask because who I was might not be good enough. You do not have to conform to society’s idea of what an athlete’s wife or girlfriend should be. I have found so much relief in loving myself and my relationship just the way it is. I stopped listening to all of the things telling me that I needed to be a perfect spouse with the perfect relationship. I am imperfect, my relationship is imperfect, but I married a good man and we serve a big God who tells us imperfection is OK! I want women to know they are enough, no matter what the world says. I want people to want to get to know me because they know I’m just as imperfect as everyone else. I want people to remember me because of my heart and not because they think my life is (what the kids are calling) “goals”. I will never forget someone I admire dearly said, “have the COURAGE to be the beautiful mess God made you to be.” Can I get an Amen?!

What is one interesting fact about you that people may not know?

I’m a small town girl. Home is a dirt road and a big, open sky full of stars. Being raised on property in Oregon I brought home a lot of animals I took in. My parents thankfully understood my heart for rescues and allowed me to care for animals in need. We ended up keeping three cats, a golden retriever, two goats and a horse along the way. There is something so special about going home to the country where I have so many memories from growing up and everything moves a little slower.


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