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10 Top Online Businesses for the Always-On-the-Move Wife of a Coach or Athlete

10 Top Online Businesses for the Always-On-the-Move Wife of a Coach or Athlete

Are you finding keeping a job – not to mention a career – is just a wee bit difficult with the frequent changes in your husband or partner’s athletic career? You are not alone. This college basketball coach’s wife has lived in five different homes and three different states in the last five years. I know that is nothing compared with many of you!

If the moves weren’t enough, there’s the added factor of you typically being the person coordinating the move for you, your spouse, and family. That takes up a tremendous amount of time and energy, both physical and emotional.

If you’ve had to contribute to the family finances, as many of us do, you may have found yourself frustrated with finding a new job with every move.

If so, I’ve got some ideas to help take the pressure off. These are proven, profitable online entrepreneurial ideas that allow you to be your own boss and work on your own time. Think about the skills, knowledge, and strengths you possess and see if any of the following online businesses might work for you.

Wouldn’t it be great to make 2017 the Year of Your New Business?

Many of these 10 top online business ideas were taken straight from my free eBook, Passion to Prosperity: Finding Your Ideal Side Business.


1. Virtual Assistant

Most virtual assistants work on a freelance basis, performing many, if not all, of the functions of an executive assistant:

  • Preparing attractive presentation slides on software such as PowerPoint or Keynote
  • Formatting business correspondence, contracts, and proposals using word processing or editing software such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Adobe Reader
  • E-mail management. Many executives are overwhelmed with high volumes of email messages and prefer to outsource their email management to assistants. This involves clearing the junk mail, responding to frequently asked questions, organizing emails and notifying the executive of the remaining correspondence requiring their response
  • Taking care of travel arrangements
  • Managing social correspondence. Many business owners and executives need assistance keeping up with sending cards and gifts for client birthdays, special events, and holidays.

You may perform this work from the comfort of your home with just a computer. Non-urgent work usually may be performed on your own schedule. If you move, it makes no difference to your clients.

It’s very easy to get started in this line of work. You may begin immediately by:

  • Reaching out to people you already know who may be in need of this assistance or know of someone else who could use this type of help.
  • Working for someone else who runs his or her own virtual assistance service. Typically, these businesses have clients already or have inquiries coming to them regularly so need skilled, reliable people to do the work.
  • Sign up to perform work as a freelancer under an online service such as Upwork, Freelancer, or Thumbtack.

2. Graphic Designer

Are you skilled at designing or creating:

  • Logos and brand identity products?
  • Business and advertising products such as: brochures, business cards, postcards, website and social media banners?
  • Graphic designs for clothing and merchandise, like mugs, hats, and t-shirts?
  • Book or magazine illustrations, invitations, and greeting cards?
  • Labels for beverage, food, or retail packaging?

Use those skills online – again, from wherever you are and whenever works for you. Like virtual assistants, you can hang out your own online shingle or go to work for an already established online service such as 99 Designs or Fiverr. (despite its name, most quality work is performed at higher rates than $5.00) These are great ways to fine-tune your skills and begin receiving testimonials that will lead to more, higher paying work.

3. Bookkeeping 

Do you love to work with numbers, charts, and spreadsheets? Are you the person who has to balance their checkbook to the penny? Online bookkeeping may be right up your alley, especially for small business owners who run scared from these types of tasks! Knowledge of accounting software such as Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Sage, and Zoho is important to have or to be able to learn quickly.

4. Website or App Design 

Even if you do not already have these skills but think you would enjoy doing this type of work, there are several online programs to help you learn and get you started in business such as Skillcrush and General Assembly.

5. Online Courses or eBooks

Are you a voracious consumer of online courses or eBooks? There are others out there just like you. If you are an expert at something, people likely would be willing to pay to learn from you. There are several resources for learning to create these online products. My favorite is Flipped Lifestyle. You’ll learn valuable tips and resources just from reading the blog or listening to their podcast.

6. Social Media Marketing

Do you have a difficult time sometimes pulling yourself away from Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram? Have you noticed how prevalent advertisements for businesses and organizations have become on these sites? Many small businesses and non-profits are looking for people who have the time and ability to create and execute their social media marketing campaigns.

7. Online Reselling

I recently found a treasure trove of posters and basketballs signed by famous professional athletes in our basement. These go back to the days when my husband use to run camps for these athletes and would end up with more signed products than he knew what to do with. With my husband’s OK, I posted a number of these pieces online at eBay, sold them all within two weeks, pocketing $3,000.

Online services such as eBay and Amazon reselling are terrific for selling gently used or collectible products. Many individuals have created a business from this. There also are apps for selling locally, similar to Craigslist, but a bit safer with a verification process. I’ve been using LetGo to great success. Facebook Marketplace is another local online resale outlet to check out. You would be amazed at the number of people who have developed their own profitable business by reselling their own goods and products they’ve found at garage sales.

8. Etsy Sales

Speaking of online selling – if you have a talent for creating handmade goods from pillows to hats to candles, even furniture, Etsy is the world’s largest independent marketplace for selling your products. Visit the website to get an idea of the wide variety of products offered by people there.

9. Freelance Proofreading and Editing

Are you one of those people driven crazy by misspelled words or poor grammar when reading books, articles, or advertising materials? This may be the perfect income-generating online business for you. An excellent resource for learning the ins and outs of starting and growing this type of business is the Copywriting and Editing for Dummies book.

In fact, when researching any of these businesses, check to see if there is a related “for Dummies” guide. These books are written by top experts in their fields. The content is presented in a fun and easily digestible way.

10. Online Translation and Transcription Service

Many of you have lived in multiple countries and learned more than one language. Have you considered using those language skills to assist others? There is a growing need for this type of work by all sizes and types of businesses, government entities and non-profit organizations. Services such as One Hour Translation and Gengo can get you up and running almost immediately as one of their translator/transcribers.

* * * * *

There are many ways to get started in these different roles and businesses. If you are interested in learning more, contact me to schedule a free consultation call at: cwhitesell@scatteredtostreamlined.com.

To learn about how to find your ideal side business, download my free Passion to Prosperity: Finding Your Ideal Side Business eBook by clicking here.

Connie Whitesell
Founder, Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching
Wife of University at Buffalo Associate Head Coach, Jim Whitesell


Connie Whitesell Connie Whitesell, the “Other Coach Whitesell”, is the founder of Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching. She currently is enjoying life – snow and all - in gorgeous Western New York with her University at Buffalo basketball coaching husband, Jim.


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