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How To Survive a Road Trip Alone

How To Survive a Road Trip Alone

I’ve taken my fair share of road trips over the past 5 years. Whether it was driving from San Diego to Oregon State for school, or to Scottsdale for Spring Training, or to San Francisco for the baseball season, my 4-Runner has racked up some serious miles! Over the years I feel as though I have become a bit of an expert on preparing for ridin’ solo on long and no longer lonely road trips.

Here are my 5 tips to surviving a road trip alone!

1.     A good playlist

A Good Playlist

One of my favorite playlists is found on Spotify – the Country Gold playlist. This is my go to on a long car ride. It’s easy on the ears and great to sing along to. If you aren’t a country fan, I recommend browsing the many playlists Spotify has to offer. There are multiple playlists for every genre. If I’m REALLY in the mood to sing along, I listen to the “running” playlist I created on Spotify. Good music makes road trips more enjoyable, especially if you’re traveling solo.

2.    A good audiobook

A Good Audiobook

I recommend downloading a good audio book. After hours of listening to music, I like to mix it up. The first book I listened to was Gone Girl. I hadn’t quite finished the book when I reached my destination, so in the following days, I found myself taking the long route places just to continue listening. Ps…I am sure glad I read the book before I saw the movie…If you haven’t read or seen Gone Girl, do it NOW! Another great audiobook #GirlBoss. I listened to this book as I drove from Scottsdale to San Diego. The book is SUPER inspiring and made my drive FLY by. It is a shorter book, which makes it perfect for a quick trip. The most recent book I downloaded on my iPhone Audiobooks was Defending Jacob, another murder mystery with a twist like Gone Girl. This was a long book, perfect for a 19-hour travel day. I wasn’t actually alone on this trip, my mom accompanied me, but she too LOVED listening to the book. We got so engrossed in the story that we couldn’t shut it off.  A long audio book like this is perfect for a cross-country road trip! The easiest way to download these audio books is on your iPhone or iPad using iBooks. Then plug your phone into your car’s auxiliary plug & viola!

3.    A cooler full of snacks

A Cooler Full of Snacks

Yes, I absolutely travel with a small cooler full of snacks. Are you surprised? I pack everything the night before and store it in the fridge. In the morning I grab two large ice packs (thanks Suja) and I toss them in my mini soft shell cooler. It is filled with fruit (an apple, cubed melon, & grapes), hard boiled eggs, RX bars, baby carrots, green juice, a pre-made green protein smoothie, raw mixed nuts, smart pop, LaCroix, and lots of water. Oh and of course coffee, except that’s usually in my cup holder since I love getting on the road before the sun comes up! I always pre-make my protein smoothie the night before. I’ll drink it for breakfast once my coffee has settled. This is a good way to get protein, carbs & fat to start my day. Check out my protein smoothie recipe here. I don’t often eat all of these snacks but I like to have plenty of healthy options prepared, that way I’m not tempted to buy the unhealthy options at the gas station.  Well… there is one exception; I will buy a pack of sunflower seeds at one of my pit stops. Munching on these is the BEST “time occupier”.  They also keep me in motion and awake on the road!

4.    A comfortable outfit

A Comfortable Outfit

I usually travel in my Graced by Grit Everything leggings, a t-shirt or tank top, my Graced by Grit Every Wear top, a baseball hat & my Birkenstocks. I want my top to be a bit more polished so I don’t look like a total bum, but I am definitely comfortable. Plus my GBG Every Wear top is everything in life. I literally wear it everyday….

5.     Water & Caffeine

Water & Caffeine

As I mentioned above, I always travel with tons of water. I usually fill my 40oz hydro flask and bring an extra 16oz bottle as well. If I’m traveling with the pups (most of the time I am) I make sure I have enough water for all 3 of us. I also like bringing a LaCroix. It’s another way to stay hydrated and it’s a carbonated fruit flavored treat! I always, always, always, start my morning on the road with a big cup of coffee. I usually have a hot cup to start my day. If I begin to feel tired during my drive I will stop at Starbucks and order a cold brew or Venti unsweetened green tea OR I will grab an unsweetened tea from the gas station. While I AM drinking a ton of fluids during my drives, I really don’t mind stopping to use the restroom. I’d rather stay hydrated and healthy than deprive myself of fluids. Plus, most times I have the two mutts with me, and they like to get out any chance they get!

From one Road Trippin Warrior to another I hope these tips make your next solo expedition enjoyable and even entertaining!


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