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Essential Oils for YOUR Home Field!

Essential Oils for YOUR Home Field!

Football season is in full swing here in South Texas! I feel like I’m in a bit of a time warp, what with a new baby, a busy toddler and a football coach hubby who is busy all the time! The weeks keep ticking by and we’re already a month into our season! I feel like it’s usually just about this time of year for us (and maybe my other coaching friends out there too?) that things kinda start to fall apart a little bit. You know, at the beginning of season the coach is all about getting up and working out early in the morning, I’ve got my meals planned and prepped so he can have 3 healthy meals to take with him each day to work, and we’ve SO got EVERYTHING under control. And then a few weeks go by and a few big travel games, a stressful season and some sleepless newborn nights and before we know it I’m making scrambled eggs 4 nights a week and sending spaghetti-o’s to work with the coach {head in hands!!!}


Enter…my saving grace.

Essential oils.

I know, I talk about them all the time but you guys. It’s because they rock. I feel like oils don’t get talked about a lot in the realm of sports – but they aren’t just for yoga studios and massage therapists and hippies!! The more we incorporate oils into our life as a coaching family, the more I can’t believe how we lived without them.

They are quite literally the glue holding everything together in this house right now (that and the grace of God!!). Now, they can’t quite cook dinner for me or make us get our workout in, but they CAN help us rest better so we can wake up for those morning workouts, and give us energy and motivation to get through our jobs and to-do lists each day!

I love that they are gentle enough for my baby but powerful enough for my big guy football coach!

So…today I want to share with you 8 ways essential oils can help you take control of YOUR home field this season!

{If only there were an oil for winning games…I’ll keep ya posted on that one!}

Essential Oils Home Field

1. Stress Relief – Football season is STRESSFUL y’all!!

My favorite stress-reducing oils:
~ Frankincense
~ Wild Orange
~ Balance (grounding blend)

You can reap the benefits of these by diffusing them (I would use 2-3 drops of each, or any combo of the 3!) or by applying them directly on your skin. It’s a good idea to dilute your oils with a carrier oil like coconut, almond or even olive oil. Apply to the bottom of your feet or any pulse point for overall grounding and calm! I love to just inhale these oils straight from the bottle too!!

2. More Energy – Citrus oils are great for energy, so pick your favorites (like lemon, lime, wild orange or grapefruit) and diffuse them or apply topically! Peppermint is also a great pick-me-up oil to really get you movin’ and groovin’!

One of my favorite energy combos is Wild Orange and Peppermint. Diffuse them or make a roller bottle!

We also support our system with daily vitamins from doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack. It’s so crucial to fill in those nutritional gaps and keep all of our nutrient levels high to be functioning at our best on and off the field!

Wake Up & Win Essentials

3. Aches & Pains – Ok, so every coach I know is an ex-athlete, which pretty much guarantees that they have some old nagging injuries. So, football season can be full of achy joints and muscles. The Deep Blue blend is hands down my favorite way to face these issues. It comes in a rub which is my favorite, super easy to keep in the locker room for pre/post practice rub-down. I also keep a bottle of the oil in my bathroom for a relaxing bath or evening massage cuz mama is an athlete too!

4. Tailgate Tummy – Is your football season full of delicious tailgates and watch parties? Buffalo wings and 7-layer dip and all that good stuff doesn’t always sit so well in our bellies. And I know the food my husband eats on the road during away games isn’t the greatest. I like to be armed with a roller bottle of DigestZen (10 drops + fractionated coconut oil) – it’s an awesome blend that not only soothes digestive issues but actually helps your digestive track be healthier and work better! In a pinch, even a drop of peppermint on the roof of your mouth can really help with an upset stomach.

Tailgate Tummy

5. Headache Relief – Between long days in the office, loud crowds at the stadium and tense muscles, headaches are kind of inevitable for all of us during football season. Never mind the 2 crying kids when mama is alone at dinnertime! I love how easy it is to zap a headache with just a drop or two of peppermint on the temples, forehead or back of neck.

For more of a tension based headache I like to massage Past Tense blend into my neck and shoulders.

6. Focus in the Meeting Room – My husband swears by the InTune blend to help him stay focused during long days at the office. The coaches spend so much time watching film, drawing plays and game planning, that having a little extra help staying on task and sustaining focus can really take their game planning to the next level!

I can always tell when they’ve had a big day because the coach comes home smelling like InTune! I’ve heard rumors that they pass the roller bottle around the meeting room too! (See…these guys love this stuff, even if they won’t always admit it!).

InTune Oil

7. Immunity Boost Does your coach get sick every football season? It seems like mine often does. It’s those long hours, the traveling, the diet, the stress…I could just go on and on. If I can do anything to strengthen his immune system I’m gonna do it.

Aside from daily supplements, we use OnGuard to support healthy immune system and ward off icky bugs. We diffuse it, use it in a roller bottle and even take it in its softgel form when we feel something coming on. It’s also a very effective cleanser – I have an all-purpose spray with water, vinegar and OnGuard to keep our house squeaky clean and chemical free!

When I can use something on my body AND my countertops – now there is some multi-tasking I can get used to! 

8. A Solid Night Sleep – Sleep is so important to keep our whole family functioning at its best. It helps our immune system, it gives us energy, helps us focus – really it helps all of the issues I just talked about! Check out my friend Jill’s post all about oils for sleep!

My family loves Vetiver, Cedarwood and Serenity!

We bathe the kiddos with a drop of Serenity each night because if kids sleep – parents can sleep!

We also diffuse Breathe in our room, and the Coach often rubs it on his chest to help him sleep more soundly without snoring!

I have A VIP package (full of oils and education!) available exclusively for athletes and coaching families – from all sports! See below and click here for more info! 

Your Healthy Home Field


My family has been using doTERRA essential oils for the past year and half and I’ll never go anywhere else. The oils are third-party tested for purity, ethically sourced around the globe, and I love working with a company that is humanitarian-minded as well. These oils have helped my family more times than I can count, and I’d love to share them with you. Click here to connect with me about essential oils.


Alyssa Serchia Alyssa is a personal trainer, football coach's wife, new Mom, runner, baker, and lover of sunshine & coffee. Visit her blog homefieldfitness.org where she writes about fitness, food, and life as a coach's wife.