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Fitness Tips While Traveling

Fitness Tips While Traveling

Between work and football trips my workout routine is anything but routine this fall. I sleep better when I get cardio in and car trips are a lot less achy on the back when I can get some strength training in. Because of these two facts, I’m prioritizing exercise even when living out of hotels.

Prioritizing exercise on work trips is easier than football trips. Still, it can be done. Whether setting an alarm early or working out in the middle of the afternoon. When I plan my day the first question I ask is, “What is mandatory to add to the schedule?”. The second question is, “When will I work out?”.

Exercise rooms in hotels are not all created the same. More than once I’ve headed to walk on the treadmill only to discover it is broken or the machine skips. Other times the equipment is occupied in the window of time I have. Needless to say, the hotel exercise rooms are not my favorite, although they are an option.

I’ve discovered that my YMCA membership has reciprocity with all the Y’s in Virginia and North Carolina. That covers a good amount of my travels and is my number one choice. YMCA’s aren’t the only gyms that have reciprocity. Others have day passes that are able to be purchased for a few dollars.

When the Y isn’t an option I’ll hunt for a local park to walk a trail. When the weather doesn’t allow for outside cardio, I’ll walk at a local mall or even head to Walmart for a few laps.

Sometimes cardio isn’t an option by itself, that’s when HIIT workouts come in handy, as long as we are on the bottom floor this is a great option to consider. YouTube, Pinterest, and Prevention Magazine are all resources for finding HIIT workouts that are within my ability to do. It’s generally a rule of thumb to try to push yourself when working out, but when it comes to exercise while traveling I lean towards getting a great sweat going, but not trying anything new. I don’t want to risk being sore when I have to sit in the car the next day for four hours.

Another favorite exercise of mine when traveling or at home is planking. Although there are endless varieties these days, I find that repetition is just as challenging as these advanced moves. Therabands top my list because they are easy to pack and versatile enough to work the whole body. Not only that, they are CHEAP! I should add, I suggest laying a towel down when doing exercises on the floor, which happens with a good amount of band work.

If you are used to hitting an aerobics class, head to YouTube for videos. Don’t stress about bringing your laptop along, pull something up on your phone. It will connect to hotel wireless just fine.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, travel times need to incorporate daily activities. This unique lifestyle surrounding athletics won’t ever be without travel seasons. For that reason, whether travel is limited to weekends or includes weekdays, exercise has to be a priority for me. These tricks have turned a hassle into a routine wherever I am.


Beth Walker Beth Walker is a coach's wife and mom of 2 energetic boys. Having grown up in the suburbs of Chicago, the adventure of being married to a college football coach has allowed Beth to live in different areas of the country including the middle of a cornfield in Southern IL, and most recently the amazing mountains of Southwest Virginia. Beth has been blogging over at Lessons from the Sidelines (lessonsfromthesidelines.wordpress.com) where she has been striving to finding her own voice, both through personal life reflection and her ministry of serving the girls of Bluefield College as the leader of Women's Ministries called Pursuit. Her husband Ordell is currently the head coach of the Bluefield Rams.