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I’ve found in my personal life & married life a lot of things are the mirror image of each other. For instance, my God given gift of serving can some days manifest itself as bossy manipulation. My creativity and grown up foodie taste palate to create yummy food also contributes to enjoying eating too much of that yumminess.???? Sometimes I appear angry when at the core I’m really tired or scared.

I believe many times the qualities that attracted us to our spouses are the very things that can annoy us. For example, I am more of a fly by the seat of your pants person. Spontaneity and making quick plans are more my style. My spouse is a steady planner. He gets up each morning with his day organized. He is also a morning person and I am not! Over the years of our marriage there have been some bumpy times due to our differences. But what I’ve also seen is that his strengths have started to fill the gaps of my weaknesses & vice versa. We have also, through trial and error, learned to yield to the other in the areas they are strongest. It has been a journey of truth/grace…and the friction in between.

GOAL: He is loving me for me. I am loving him for him— Honoring each other.

I believe being in sync is a 2-way street. I believe that when scripture talks about “honoring each other”…it’s meant to be a gift we give on a daily basis…not a chore.

Over the years I have been given great counsel on ways to honor my hubby.

Here are just a few:
•Remember and remind him baseball is what he does…not who he is! Our husbands crave significance.
•Help him find the silver lining on hard days. Stay positive. The season is long. One game is not a deal breaker.
•Keep his private life and struggles private.
•Never talk about your sex life with your friends.
•Remind him and show him how much he is liked and loved.
•Speak truth in love. Listen to hear.
•Convey your thoughts timely, clearly & gently—men cannot read our minds! Refrain from verbal vomit—wait until you can speak truth with kindness.
•Encourage. Appreciate. Cheer for him!

On the days the roller coaster won’t stop…and you ‘don’t really like him’..yes, there will be those days…go back to the archives and remember what first sparked your love…and park there for a bit. Flip the mirror around and see the other side and try to focus on the positive.

You are beautiful. You are strong. You are liked & loved. You make a difference. You are a treasure!????



Angie Davis Angie is the wife of retired MLB player & current MiLB pitching coach, Storm Davis. You can follow her blog "Baseball, Apple Pie, Baby Smiles & Southern Grace" at angieandstormblog.com.