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Featured Sis: Lory Ankiel

Featured Sis: Lory Ankiel

Get to know our MLB #Sis Lory Ankiel! Lory is the wife of retired MLB center fielder and pitcher, Rick Ankiel, and mother of two children. She is also a successful entrepreneur, founding The Athlete’s Guide, providing resources to professional sports families. Lory & Sis Founder, Karen Moyer, have a lot in common as they try to make life easier for Sisters and families!

How did you and Rick meet? Tell us about your family.

Rick and I met through mutual friends in 2005. I always joke that I dated a pitcher, but married an outfielder! We have 2 boys (3 & 5) and live in Florida.

How long did Rick play? How has life been in retirement from playing baseball? Any advice for fellow Sisters heading into retirement?

Rick played for 16 years, 10 yrs in the big leagues. Retirement has been awesome. I do miss seeing my baseball girls everyday and traveling to some of my favorite cities though! The best advice is to start the conversation about what’s next now. Try to have a plan before he actually retires. It will help tremendously.

You founded The Athlete’s Guide to provide resources for professional athletes and their families. What inspired you to start this business?

When Rick was traded, I was clueless about Atlanta and was so stressed because I was pregnant and we had our 2 big dogs with us. Trying to move overnight is never easy and I thought if there was a resource where people could just login to find the info they need on their new cities, it would really make the transition so much easier! So, OurBaseballLife.com was born.

How has The Athlete’s Guide grown over the years and what sports do you include in your network? 

TAG has grown to not only help current players families when they move but to also help retired players promote off the field businesses, charity events and more. Currently websites for MLB, NFL, MLS are live and we hope to soon have all 6 major sports covered to help athletes and their families find and share trustworthy resources for every sports city.  We also now have an app so our members can find and share resources on the go.

We love stories of Sisterhood! Have you joined with fellow Sisters to broaden your business? 

I am always looking for ways to expand our reach and to spread the word about The Athlete’s Guide, whether it be through partnerships, events, or supporting other players/wives businesses through social media. The OurBaseballLife.com concept is successful because the members share their info and add the resources from within. They are the best ambassadors for the site and really help grow our network. I’m so thankful to be a part of such a great community of people who want to help one another.

Part of the mission of Sisters In Sports is to connect Sisters across all sports. Tell us about Sisterhood friendships that have supported you throughout the years. Any favorite memories?

Road trips are some of my best memories, from regular season games, to traveling on the team plane for the playoffs, I’ve made so many memories traveling with other wives.  I’m grateful to still be very close with so many of the friends I’ve met along our journey.

If you had to choose one piece of advice for new athlete wives/girlfriends, what would it be? 

Travel!! Take advantage of exploring every city and take lots of pictures!! Its doesn’t last forever and although it can be really tough at times, you will look back on the playing years as some of the best times of your life!

Both Sis & The Athlete’s Guide are aimed at connecting and supporting Sisters, in different ways. Why do you think it is so important for women living these unique lifestyles to join together?

It’s the support aspect that really joins us together. It’s definitely a special lifestyle and having others to share your experiences with who have lived, or are living it, is such a blessing. Not everyone can understand what it means to be a players wife so having others to talk to who understand is so helpful in navigating our lifestyle.


Thank you beautiful Lory for talking with us and supporting our Sisterhood!


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