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Help a fellow Sis achieve her dream

Help a fellow Sis achieve her dream

Hi Ladies!

I am hoping that I can ask for a little help…I have the RARE opportunity to compete for my DREAM JOB as the Next DIY STAR on the Home & Family show on the Hallmark Channel USA but I need YOUR HELP!! (With my hubby losing his coaching job due to new front office management, it means more to me now than ever…) There is more information on voting at the bottom of this post, but first, I’d like to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me!

I’m getting ready to celebrate my 35th wedding anniversary in August with Chuck, who pitched in the bullpen for 8 years in the Major Leagues with the Milwaukee Brewers (1987-1991), California Angels (1992-1993), and the Chicago Cubs (1994). We met in college in Hawaii, but grew up only 15 minutes apart from each other in Southern California. We lived the classic minor league life, traveling from one small town to another, living on  peanut butter sandwiches and macaroni & cheese…loving every minute of it! I could write a book about the antics, and perhaps someday I will! But to jump ahead, Chuck was a scout in the Dodgers Organization (2006-2009) and then minor league pitching coach (2009-2012), and MLB Bullpen Coach (2013-2015). After 9 years, he was an unfortunate casualty in the Dodgers’ new management employee layoff of 50+ people this past November, leaving us devastated. We re-learned the hard way that there is no loyalty in the game…but we already knew that. Funny enough, this is the first wedding anniversary in a long time that we can actually spend together. August 8th is right in the middle of the season, which we didn’t think about when we got married in college, so we will celebrate in style for once! In the meantime, this incredible opportunity arose to be the Home & Family Show’s Next DIY Star, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve spent my life taking care of my husband and sons, and maybe now it’s my time? I am hoping so, because I dream big!

I’ve been an artist of many mediums and what I call and “Eye Candy” crafter for my entire life, (making beautiful things that dazzle the eye and life the spirit!), and teaching classes, workshops and weekend retreats for the past 30 years. I love to help others explore their creative sweet spot, and I am always on a new adventure to learn something new. I am mostly self-taught and obsessed with new art forms. From beadwork and jewelry, to miniature crafts & doll-making, fabric and fiber arts, leatherwork, mixed media arts, polymer clay sculpture, french beaded flowers, primitive crafts, needle-felting to whimsical crochet, I am on a creative quest with an adventurous spirit!

Throughout the years that Chuck played MLB, my creative adventures kept me busy and very happy. It got me through the long road trips and I’d have something fun to show for it when he returned. I founded an International Teddy Bear Artist/Hobbyist club and newsletter, which shared original patterns and projects, with hundreds of enthusiasts at a time when there was no information on how to make them. It was a wonderful way to express my creativity while honing my skills at designing and writing patterns with complete tutorials.

I have several great projects to share if I win the Home & Family contest…one is an adorable Teddy Bear Change Purse (see photo below). Though it isn’t quite a miniature according to the measurement standards of what I usually make, it is a fun way to surprise your favorite little princess for a Teddy Bear Tea Party! There are many creative avenues I’d love to help everyone explore, and if my Dream Job quest happens, I’ll be able to do it, and perhaps start a whole new unexpected career for myself in perfect timing!

I hope that you will vote for me! Please follow this link: http://dreamjobbing.com/homeandfamily#2476. You must set up an account to be eligible to vote (this hoop is there to prevent fraudulent voting) but it’s very easy to do. They will send you a temporary password to login and then you are free to vote! Also, on the DreamJobbing website the Home & Family link will be on the front page (if my link doesn’t take you there directly). The deadline for voting is April 15th.

Please look for my video and click “LIKE” on my application if you feel I am worthy, AND if you feel inclined to further help my DREAM quest, PLEASE scroll down and COMMENT. It counts as a vote for me. I am grateful for your support!

I am late getting started with my entry and have some catching up to do, so I REALLY need your “Likes” and “Comments”!! PLEASE HELP ME MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!!! (Fingers & Toes & EVERYTHING Crossed!!)

With Love & Appreciation!
Deanne Crim

Teddy Bear Purse by Deanne Crim
Teddy Bear Change Purse by Deanne Crim

Top featured image photo credit: Dodgers Photographer, Jon Soohoo


Deanne Crim Deanne Crim is a baseball Sis, married to former MLB player and coach Chuck Crim. She is an artist of many mediums and teaches classes, workshops and retreats helping other explore their creativity.