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Former Steelers Wife Recalls Family’s Struggle with CTE

Former Steelers Wife Recalls Family’s Struggle with CTE

Keana McMahon, the former wife of the late Pittsburgh Steelers center Justin Strzelczyk, recently spoke with Essential Pittsburgh about CTE and the surrounding issues that have been brought to light by the new movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith. In the radio interview, Keana chronicles her family’s struggle as they lived with the symptoms of CTE over time and as things got worse leading up to his untimely death. She also shares her thoughts about the movie and the effects she hopes it has, including education for parents about the dangers of concussions and the help she hopes it can generate for NFL players and families as they navigate the aftermath of their playing days. Keana hears from many wives witnessing the deterioration of their husband’s mental and physical well being, and they call her to figure out what is going on, to compare notes. Because of this, Keana shares how she has joined Sisters in Sports and is helping develop Sis Cares for the women and children who need emotional or financial support through these situations.

Listen to Keana’s insightful interview on Pittsburgh’s NPR News Station here.



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  1. I also am the ex wife of a deceased Football player. This new info is what is needed to keep relationships together.I divorced a man that I loved and lost him 2 years later.If I had this info and Drs. help and acknowledgement I am sure I would have had less heartbreak.We need to know the TRUTH.

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