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The Gift of Travel

The Gift of Travel

“And I heard the voice of the Lord saying ‘Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?’ Then I said, ‘Here am I! Send me.’ ”   Isaiah 6:8

This verse was significant to me when God first started to draw me to Himself. Thinking about it now almost makes me laugh! God knew that someday I would marry a baseball player and that we’d be traveling all over the US. Little did I know at the time what the Lord had in store for me.

I can vividly remember saying those words, “Here I am. Send me.” Well, as I look back over five years of baseball and the many small towns and big cities where we’ve been, the Lord has surely sent us! When I relinquished my future to Him, to send me wherever He wanted, I certainly never expected this!

People often ask me what I enjoy or appreciate about baseball. Next to the incredible people we’ve met along the way, the gift of getting to know many areas of the US and being “sent” by God’s sovereign hand is sure to rank up there with one of the best parts!

I truly see it as a gift that we’ve not only been able to travel to some wonderful places, but that we’ve actually been blessed to live in parts of the country that are so different from where we grew up. I clearly see God lighting our path in each of our travels and relocations. When my husband was traded and we only had 12 hours to move, we knew that it was God taking us on to the next city–that He was sending us to a new part of His land to carry on with His plan for our lives.

The experiences we’ve had and the gift of traveling in baseball are things that I am honestly thankful for.  I thank Him that we have the opportunity to explore and travel His beautiful creation – what a gift!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, send me where you want me to go, and help me to be a light for you wherever that may be. Teach me to trust you more each day.

Suggested Reading: Isaiah 6:1-8

— Lindsey Bard for BaseballChapel.org

(shared with permission from BaseballChapel.org)



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