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Sis Keana McMahon on her mission after losing ex-husband

Sis Keana McMahon on her mission after losing ex-husband

There is an article that just came out on TribLive.com. Before tongues wag & comments are made, as they have already been by uneducated people, know this, the NFL has it written in the lawsuit that any players who died before January 1, 2006 are not included in the lawsuit. This means that Mike Webster, my Justin & Terry Long’s families are all exempt from receiving money. So, money is not my motivation.

My motivation is to educate parents on the dangers that football brings. Yes, thousands of players don’t get CTE but isn’t 1 enough? It’s not just 1 though, it’s 93 men…that is 93 too many & the list will continue to grow. It’s not just football, it’s soccer, hockey, skiing, rugby & many other sports. I’ve provided a link below so you can read about all of the people who have died from CTE, some as young as 16. These players did not know that death was a risk. Justin never once was diagnosed with a concussion…not once. Mike Webster’s brain had the equivalent of 25,000 car crashes. Does that sound ok to you? Feel free to read all the personal stories of these families that have lost a human life, no amount of money can replace.

So you see, I don’t want money, I want Justin back so he can walk our daughter down the aisle, hold our grandchildren & watch our son graduate from college next year. Know the risks of ALL sports & what you are getting your kids into. CTE is not “fake”, it’s not going away, it’s only going to get worse. It’s been around for decades, it just didn’t have a name. Boxers called it “punch drunk love”. Be an advocate for your child! You have every right as a parent to go down on that field and pull your child out if you feel the coach is not doing their job.

Visit Concussion Legacy Foundation and ready about those we have lost to CTE: ConcussionFoundation.org



Keana McMahon Keana McMahon is the former wife of Justin Strzelczyk (1968-2004) who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1990-1998. Keana is an advocate for education around concussions and CTE as this is what ultimately caused her husband's death. Keana's story with Justin was portrayed in the 2015 movie "Concussion". Keana is also a mother of four and a businesswoman.