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Q&A with Megan Thomas

Q&A with Megan Thomas

Sis recently caught up with Megan Thomas, wife of MLB Hall of Famer Frank Thomas. Megan is a mother of 5 and an entrepreneur. She shares great memories, insights and advice for fellow Sisters on topics including the “Sis Life”, personal purpose, surviving retirement, enjoying the journey & appreciating the Sisterhood!

How did you and Frank meet? Tell us a little about your family.

Frank and I met through a mutual friend in Chicago. We are currently living outside of Chicago. We collectively have 5 children – Sterling, Sloan, Sydney, Frankie & Ashleigh – and will celebrate our 10 year anniversary this November. We were married in 2005 after 6 years of dating. We are fortunate enough to be surrounded by family, as I am the youngest of 4 girls, and my parents and sisters all live here in Illinois. Frank is originally from Columbus, Georgia, but spent the majority of his playing years with the Chicago White Sox.

What are you and Frank up to these days, since Frank’s retirement from baseball in 2010?

Frank’s transition into retirement was fairly smooth, after we realized we couldn’t go to Hawaii 4 times a year forever! LOL. That is our happy place, as we were married in Kona in 2005. Now, we own a restaurant here in Illinois, The Big Hurt Brewhouse, which houses our beer brand, Big Hurt Beer. Frank works for FOX in LA, and I have a thriving skincare business with Rodan + Fields. We are busy raising our kids, as we have 3 in college and 2 little ones at home. It was always my intention to wait to have our children until Frank was retired so he could be home with them. The one thing we gave up is them never being able to see him play.

Just last year, Frank was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Tell us about this experience for your family!

July of 2014, Frank was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. It was, and continues to be, one of the greatest experiences of our lives. We were fortunate enough to be inducted alongside an awesome group of players and coaches, which made the experience that much sweeter. The day of Frank’s induction, we obviously sat around the phone waiting for it to ring. Thank God it did! On our way to the press conference that day, Frank got a call from the President of the United States, Barack Obama, which was pretty fabulous. Being a part of the Hall of Fame is almost surreal. It’s an absolutely AMAZING week, where you are surrounded by the Most Impactful Players of the century, who all share the same quality – surprising humble. I know that Frank was even blown away by the experience, and continues to be, as we are invited back every year forever.

It’s such an amazing thing that our kids get to be a part of as well. We all look forward to our week in July in Cooperstown. They close the beautiful Otesaga Hotel to the public, and only allow Hall of Fame members for that week. The week is filled with amazing events and parties hosted by Jane Forbes Clark, the owner of the Baseball Hall of Fame. It is the ultimate fraternity…one where having a glass of wine with Johnny Bench is just the norm, passing Hank Aaron on the patio is not unusual and getting to know the lovely women who contributed to their success is just icing on the cake!

Tell us what the years in retirement from MLB have been like for you. Any advice for fellow Sisters headed toward retirement from the game?

The transition into retirement for us was fairly good.  I think it is A LOT of adjustment. Realizing that they are now home and not headed off for a road trip any time soon. Frank is very busy now, but there was definitely a lull in the action for the first couple of years. It was trying in the department of figuring out what he was going to do besides taking up expensive hobbies. Lol. Beyond that, I think it is also difficult for them to find their “role” in a household you have run pretty much single-handedly all of the years of their career. I definitely had a hard time adjusting to him wanting to have a say in how things were run in our house now that he was home. My only advice is to stick it out, they will figure it out, it just takes time. I think of them similarly to military guys, they have been told what to do and when to do it for as long as they can remember and they are released into a world where they have NO structure. It can be a very difficult transition.

You have very successfully developed your own Rodan + Fields business. What motivated you to start your business? What are your secrets to success?

Rodan + Fields. Where do I start? It’s a journey that has filled a void in my life and changed it forever. I had wanted to do something of my own, to create my own identity, to be able to give back more than every before, and to fulfill my need for independence. Truthfully, with that said, I never wanted to give up one of the greatest perks of Frank’s successful career, which was traveling and having dual residency. We were splitting our time between Las Vegas and Chicago at the time, and I had never found anything that would allow me to up and leave when I wanted to…not to mention that the earning potential would have to be pretty significant to make an impact on our life. I was approached by a childhood friend of mine about the opportunity of Rodan + Fields, and honestly, I ignored her for about 4 months before I actually talked to her on the phone. It wasn’t until then that I realized the opportunity. I was always up for trying new products. I had spent thousands of dollars over the years on products that made my skin feel good, but never really changed it, until R + F. I suffered from pretty bad sun damage from over the years and started on our REVERSE regimen. I was in LOVE within 2 weeks, and could already see my brown spots diminishing. I knew that I could share this and this was a vehicle for me to also continue my quest to raise grateful and humble children, despite their privileged life. I’m a people person by nature, so sharing the gift of great skin comes naturally for me, however I have watched all types of people gain tremendous success through this business.  It is really the opportunity of a lifetime.

If fellow Sisters are interested in joining your team, how do they get started?

We are constantly growing our business, so if you are looking to create a home-based business with infinite earning potential email me at mlc35@msn.com. It is actually the perfect business for those involved in sports. It gives YOU the opportunity to leverage the network you have built throughout your husband’s career. It’s a career where a move is actually amazing for business, as you have the chance to meet an entire new group of people. You can take it with you wherever you have your phone or computer, and work from anywhere. You work at your own pace, no minimum requirements, and you determine your destiny. We just wash our face and tell people about it.

Part of the mission of Sis is to connect Sisters across all sports. Tell us about Sisterhood friendships that have supported you through the years. Any favorite memories?

I think Sis is such an amazing group. Some of the most meaningful relationships in my life were built throughout our journey in sports. It can be a very vulnerable time in your life when you are relocated with a new team. I think this is where TRUE friendships are made, when you really need the other women around you. The memories are endless and I will forever treasure them. We were fortunate enough to be involved with two amazing organizations, Toronto and Oakland, after leaving the White Sox. I never really realized what it was to need the other girls until we left Chicago. I was from Chicago, so I had always had all of my friends and family around all of the time. It wasn’t until we left that I realized how important those relationships were when you were in a new city alone.

What are your thoughts on the importance of a community like Sisters In Sports? How do you think Sis can be a resource to the “better halves” in sports?

I think the community concept of Sisters In Sports is priceless. There are SO many things that happen in a sports wife’s life that only a group like Sis can relate to. The amount of moving, care taking, emotional support, etc. that goes into this life would be unbelievable to most people. The uncertainty that surrounds an athlete’s life and family is very stressful, and to have a group like SIS to be there for support is so awesome. I think Sis can provide so many outlets into networks they never knew they had. Whether it is asking about new city questions, looking for a personal outlet, childcare/education information, Sis can provide so much assistance to those involved. I’m looking forward to being more involved in Sis and so empowered by Karen’s drive to create a group like this!


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