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ABC’s of Health

ABC’s of Health

Often we make this whole healthy lifestyle thing more complicated than it really is. We overthink our food choices, exercise routine and often make excuses as to why we can’t start being healthy until Monday morning. Health isn’t like algebra. Why? In our opinion there is no one solution. We have to put our own equation together to find the right answer. So, put your pencil down and get ready to change your health goals with our ABC’s of health. It’s the perfect time to rethink what you’re doing as the kids head back to school, summer winds down and a new season knocks on our door.

A – Always Eat Breakfast

There are many studies that prove children who eat breakfast have a higher performance level in the classroom. Hunger levels are shown to be more stable, mood and energy levels are balanced and they are less likely to suffer from childhood obesity. Now if we could just get adults to understand this concept, we could really make some progress on the report cards! Just because you are no longer in the classroom, doesn’t mean this no longer applies to you. Bottom line, eating breakfast not only makes a difference in the way you work, but always plays a LARGE role in your metabolism and results. When I begin consulting my clients, breakfast is often the first place I start. I find clients either don’t eat a healthy breakfast or breakfast at all. Once we crowd in breakfast and healthy choices, things really start to change! Don’t forget, before you break your fast, hydrate with a large glass of H2O. Your body is dehydrated after a good night’s sleep. Here are a few healthy breakfast suggestions for you and your kiddos.





You may have heard me use this quote before, “If you fail to plan, then you can plan to fail.” It sounds a bit harsh, but the point of this is to show you that the first step to getting healthy is to start planning and do your best to always be prepared. This is not only good for your daily tasks and schedule, but also for your food, workouts, and overall goals. You need to start preparing your kitchen, so you have no choice but to reach for healthy options. Fill it with good for you foods and prepare what you can for the week ahead. The more prepared you are,  the less likely you are to find yourself in a pinch to make a good choice, which often leads to running to the drive through, or devouring a bag of chips because you are too tired to do anything else after a long day.

Plan the week ahead (meals, workouts, schedule)

Keep your kitchen stocked with healthy options

Prepare your meals and lay our your clothes the night before


I’m a Health Coach who is totally against the whole calorie counting system. While many systems have you counting away every bite you take, I truly feel if you are eating whole foods with proper portion sizes, then you can skip that annoying task. Not to mention, 100 calories of chips and 100 calories of nuts or vegetables are totally different. Doing this and not worrying about every bite you put into your mouth leaves you room to enjoy this life, and focus on the better things.

Trust me, the less you nitpick at every little health related decision or choice, the easier this will become. In other words, don’t make this more difficult than it really is! Listen to your body, eat whole foods and trust the process and journey. Whether you are just starting this healthy journey, or are knee deep in green juice, or you’re looking for a little inspiration, our ABC’s of health will keep this whole process less like a complicated equation and more like small simple steps to a healthier you!


Our healthy home wants to wish all of our parents, teachers and students the best of luck as they take on a healthy and balanced new school year!


Jenna Lento Jenna Lento is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and wife of AHL player, Evan Rankin. Visit her website at JennaLento.com.