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E! Network’s “WAGS”: Reality or NOT?

E! Network’s “WAGS”: Reality or NOT?

Ready or not, here comes WAGS. E! Television Network calls it reality television, but from where we sit, it’s not even close to reality. The 8 episode series has started on the entertainment network and no matter how many times we hit the back button on our DVR we don’t see SiSters juggling kids and jobs, managing the family responsibilities while their partner was at training camp or on the road, shopping on tight budgets for back to school, packing for yet another move across the country or even doing great charity work.

The show leads with one of the WAGS narrating, “The WAGS lifestyle is extremely glamorous. It’s private jets, vacations, parties, photo shoots, black cards, you name it, we’ve got it. It’s a dream world.” Now even for those of us who can relate to some of these experiences, there is still no reality in the statement. Is this ALL the “WAGS lifestyle” is about? What about family, children, friendships, or giving back? It’s not likely we will see these important elements of our lives shared in this drama.

Stacey May Fowles, contributor to The Globe and Mail, wrote an article about WAGS that was spot-on. Stacey seems to understand there is so much more to us WAGS, or as we prefer, SiSters. She writes, “Like any reality show, it’s an obvious construction in the name of glitzy cliffhanger entertainment, but one that does a grand disservice to a group of women who could otherwise be depicted as thoughtful and interesting in their own right.” Amen!

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Another op-ed piece was anonymously written for Thought Catalog by an NFL wife. She too agrees that WAGS is far from reality, “As a current ‘WAG’ to a professional NFL athlete, the show’s promo, message, and trailer completely reiterates wrong stereotypes of what life actually is like for us.” She continues this thought by emphasizing, “These women have degrees, graduate education, and passionate goals. We support each other in our decisions to pursue a career or maintain the household.”

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From what we could tell on Twitter, there aren’t too many SiSters who relate to this new show either, if any.





We are disappointed, E! Network!


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