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#Sislife: How I Make it Work

#Sislife: How I Make it Work

From what I have learned and experienced, it is incredibly important to keep your sense of self while your husband is a professional athlete, especially in minor league baseball since the road to the top is a much longer and complicated process than most other pro sports. While our guys are scratching and clawing 9 hours a day for 6 months out of the year (all while getting paid below minimum wage and sleeping on the floors of buses) to continue moving up, it is very easy to get completely consumed by the game and by your husband’s performance. Suddenly every game seems like the end of the world. You start living and dying by the game. So, then not only is your dude frustrated and stressed but you could be unintentionally projecting your concerns about his career (and therefore a portion of your future lives together) onto him. The journey to the big leagues is already hard enough, you have to take everything as it comes and try to appreciate the adventure that you’re on.

Keeping my sense of self includes keeping my daily workout routine, coaching/working as well as creating a comfortable home. Every marriage is different, but for us, me being fully supportive of my husband during season doesn’t necessarily mean being in the stands every single night, especially since he only pitches once every five days. I usually don’t go on road trips. I may not even be at every home game. The way I fully support Adam during season is equal parts being at his games AND what I do away from the field. Having our own apartment to come home to at night, spending mornings together, eating dinner together-even if it’s at 11pm- and having our dog, Max, with us is what I feel makes me a supportive baseball wife. 

ALL of that being said, Adam does an incredible job of supporting me throughout our journey. Having a successful baseball marriage is not one-sided, as much as it sometimes is viewed as such. He is my emotional support system and because he is so level he knows exactly how to mitigate most of my apprehension that comes along with moving, finding jobs and making new friends several times a year. He asks me about my work every day. He wakes up earlier than most of the other guys so that we can spend time together before he leaves for the field. He hustles out of the clubhouse at night so that we can get home to make dinner. One of the things I appreciate most about Adam during baseball season is his amazing ability to leave baseball at the field. He could give up nine earned runs in one inning or throw a complete game shutout, but once he leaves the field, you wouldn’t have a clue as to which occurred that night. I’m not even sure he knows how much that helps me during season, but it just makes our life at home feel so… normal.

My name is Allison Plutko and I am currently living the always evolving baseball gypsy life as my husband, Adam, chases his dreams of being a big-leaguer. Adam and I have lived in five states in the last year and a half, we have a 3.5 year age difference (although nobody ever guesses it) and we are dutifully and lovingly raising a moose German Shepherd as I tow our life across the country several times a year in a U-Haul trailer. My dog, Netflix and wine keep me sane for six months out of the year while the other six months I enjoy a relatively normal life.

I am from Dallas, Texas, which is where we reside in the off-season. I am an avid runner, bookworm, and blogger. Thankfully I married someone who loves to cook because I have yet to find my way around the kitchen, and if you catch me in anything other than athletic clothes, consider yourself lucky. Adam and I got married this past November after meeting at UCLA where he played baseball and I did gymnastics- yes, we keep foam rollers and athletic tape in our house and yes, our dog is constantly ripping the seams off of old baseballs. Adam is with the Cleveland Indians organization.


Allison Plutko Allison Plutko is the wife of MiLB pitcher, Adam Plutko. She co-writes a blog with two other Sisters at lifeinthe10th.blogspot.com.