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Before You Pass Go & Collect $200

Before You Pass Go & Collect $200

The first time I thought about a possible life conducted by the MLB was my junior year of college. Back then, naive and day dreaming, that life seemed glamorous. Three years later, as I sit in yet another airport, explaining to a man why I was on my way to Arizona, I can’t help but to giggle a little to myself as I remember a less experienced me.
“Business or pleasure” he asks me. “Business,” I answer. This conversation would go on to wrinkle his brow and spark a disapproving attitude. This man did all but tell me flat out that I was worth nothing more than a pretty face as I “follow” my boyfriend around.
So before you pass “go” here are a few things to remember:
1. As ignorant as the airport man was, he was right about one thing. I am beautiful. You are beautiful. You will meet many women along this journey. Many who I think I saw in Victoria Secret’s latest catalog. The worst thing I’ve done since I started on my journey was convince myself I was the DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) of the girlfriends/wives. It is important to keep a strong sense of self. These women are not your competition, they ultimately will end up being some of your best friends and greatest supporters.
2. Once he passes “go”, he will literally collect $200. Aside from a signing bonus, minor league players make poverty level wages. As his other (better) half, I’ve learned its my job to, well, get a job. The best thing a woman can do is carry her own weight. Not only has it given me a purpose but has proved to be a relationship life raft.
*Hint: leave the MLB out of your job interview. No future employer wants to know you may be gone in a month. Apologies to the many companies who have fallen victim to this from me.
3. Have a support system. Whether that be your family or this community of WAGS (wives and girlfriends), you need someone to support you while you’re on the road supporting your man. Period.
4. Don’t take yourself too seriously. I mean, unless you’re Clayton Kershaw’s wife, Ellen. Ellen, your husband is a beast which makes you a beast in my eyes. I can say this because my boyfriend doesn’t read my blogs (hehe). But in all honesty, it might feel like baseball dominates your life and your relationship, but that’s why I’m giving you a heads up. It doesn’t have to feel like that. Just make being his #1 fan… and probably maid, chef, personal shopper, therapist… among the many things that make you awesome. Like a wise man once said, while imitating a wise woman, do you boo boo cuz Imma do me!
5. Lastly, it could be over in a blink of an eye. My boyfriend is currently rehabbing Tommy John #2. So enjoy every second and embrace this unconventional life we live!


Kelsi Blalock Kelsi Blalock is the better half of Jace Fry, MiLB player with the Chicago White Sox. Read her blog at Kelsiblalock.wordpress.com.