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Secrets to Mothering (or Not)

Secrets to Mothering (or Not)

As we celebrate Moms and the Blessed Mother this month it’s fun to reflect on motherhood…

I always say if the good Lord gives my kids health, and keeps them safe, we can get through anything! I learned with my kids (8) to never get overwhelmed! I always keep a good calendar (hard copy, not my phone, cuz I have to see it) BUT I know that typically the night before is best time to plan for the next day cuz things change…all of the time!

Biggest mistakes I made as a Mom with my older four kids is to never show weakness to them or my family. I played super woman through everything, and in the end it’s way better to ask for help and show your kids NOT everything is easy. Another mistake…I didn’t read enough to my kids. It was so hard to read to four of them in “single motherhood” and balancing the baseball season schedule. Off seasons allowed for more of a routine at bedtime for reading, but it wasn’t enough. And one more mistake I will mention is that I should have demanded that their Dad show me more love and adoration. I thought I didn’t need it, but ultimately we all need it. It’s hard for them to balance it all, having to focus on their jobs, and I am the first to say their sport has to be #1 over us BUT we deserve better and the kids need to see that example! We were a good team, but needed to show them we were a better couple! We are working hard on that in retirement but it’s been 26 years of one sidedness.

Raising kids in sports isn’t easy but we did a good job of being with Dad all of the time. We moved 84 times. The kids went to many different schools.  But forever they will have that foundation and love for each other. One thing I had to do is remain consistent in discipline and structure as best I could in our controlled chaos. I had the kids do a lot on their own at an early age. My friends would make fun of me. My kids could shower and dress themselves for bed by age 3. Independence helped a single mother of four at the time…now it is different. I see people get on the plane with 4 kids now and I can’t figure out how they do it. LOL! The first four kids were dressed alike everywhere we went so I wouldn’t lose them. The next four barely have matching clothes or clothes that fit. I learned to get thru the day and to prioritize. Small people small problems…big people big problems. SO TRUE!

One thing I made darn sure of was that my kids saw my example of giving back to others, especially the poor, to make it a good day, to have purpose every day, to know life is a privilege and find passion and follow it. Each of my kids knows I am their biggest fan! And I’m thinking with eight that a few will take good care of me if needed some day. They all know I LOVE THEM MORE!

I love Mothers Day better than any other holiday. All Moms should be celebrated. Internally, on Mothers Day, I thank and pray for the mothers of our youngest two adopted daughters. They made the toughest decision and sacrifice ever to give up their babies. We are so blessed to be a part of their journey. As our oldest turns 24 and our youngest turns 9, this rings true:



Karen Moyer A coach's daughter, MLB Sis and mother of athletes, Karen lives by the motto "Make Every Day Ridiculously Amazing". Mother of eight, she is also an entrepreneur, wife, and philanthropist. Founder/CEO of Sisters In Sports, as well as the Co-Founder of The Moyer Foundation, alongside her husband, retired MLB pitcher, Jamie Moyer.