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Connie Whitesell’s Championship Life Series: Quiet Inspirations

Connie Whitesell’s Championship Life Series: Quiet Inspirations

If you are following along with this series, by now you have opened up some time and energetic space for yourself. Let’s add a key element back in – a regular practice of dialing into your intuition, getting and keeping in touch with God within you, your highest self, your authentic inner being – however you refer to that heart-based spirit of inspiration within you.

At some point you’ve experienced that sense of complete awe and appreciation that leaves you feeling overwhelmed with emotion. You may have felt this with:

  • The sight of your sleeping baby
  • While listening to inspiring music – maybe at church or at a symphony/play
  • While being in nature – hiking along a river, walking on a beach, at the top of a mountain
  • Sitting in quiet together with the love of your life

What makes your heart sing? What is your food for the soul that makes you feel like life couldn’t get any better than it is in that moment?

When we experience those feelings, we are in a state of being truly connected with our highest selves/God within us. This is when we most typically feel gratitude and receive inspirations that guide our lives. Unfortunately, we tend to get so caught up in the rush of everyday life that often we don’t take the time to make space for these feelings on a regular basis. It is critical to our own well-being and that of those around us that we do.

If you do not have one already, consider what could be your regular practice that would give you the centered and inspired internal space that allows you to focus and check in with yourself, receive guidance, and ensure that you are living by your highest priorities?

It may be through:

  • Prayer or meditation.
  • Journaling. I make special journals for myself and for my clients with meaningful and inspiring photos using a service like Shutterfly.com.


  • Quietly enjoying your morning coffee on the porch, listening to the sounds of the birds and morning activity.
  • Exercise. There were a number of “Life with Coach” survey participants who liked to run. One of my clients does as well. Through our work together, she has stopped wearing her headphones for the last mile or so of her run and she uses that time when she’s cleared her head to experience a moving meditation.
  • Immersing yourself in gardening.
  • Singing out loud or dancing around the house.
  • Surrounding yourself with beautiful things, scents, and sounds. When I start my work every day, I light a scented candle on my desk and softly play piano music in the background to create a serene atmosphere.
  • Painting or another form of creative outlet.

Another coach’s wife provided inspiration in this area:

“I think it’s very important for every coach’s wife to find something of importance to them that has legs – meaning something that can go with them through the moves. It’s been very difficult to build my own career as we’ve bounced around for my husband’s job. I’ve found most coaches’ wives are very talented people with interesting skill sets and lots of motivation. Writing is one of my strengths. Knowing another move is likely in our future, I’ve been making more time for myself to dive into writing my first novel. Move or no move, it’s something that gives me joy and something that’s my own, that has nothing to do with my husband’s job! Find something you love to do . . . and do it . . then go cheer and get bleacher butt with pride!”

Whatever you choose, it does not have to take a lot of time or money. The ideal is to find time by yourself to be quiet, to be present, and to listen for inner guidance.

As a result, you will feel more serene and in control of your emotions and reactions. You will receive inspirations to guide you to living your most fulfilling life. Your inner soul will be grateful. You will be presented with unexpected, “coincidental”, and wonderful opportunities. Who doesn’t want all of that?


Take a few minutes and think about one practice that you can incorporate into your life on a regular (if not daily, at least three to four times per week) basis for getting in touch with your own inspiration.

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Connie Whitesell Connie Whitesell, the “Other Coach Whitesell”, is the founder of Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching. She currently is enjoying life – snow and all - in gorgeous Western New York with her University at Buffalo basketball coaching husband, Jim.