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Connie Whitesell’s Championship Life Series: Who Doesn’t Like a Present?

Connie Whitesell’s Championship Life Series: Who Doesn’t Like a Present?

We all understand the importance of self-care. Time to make sure we do it! Let’s kick start things with something a little decadent –

A Present to Yourself!

Sometimes it’s hard to think of a gift for yourself when you have been focusing so much on others, so ask yourself this question: What is the one thing I could give myself that would make me feel guilty? In the words of my favorite Extreme Self Care guru, Cheryl Richardson, in this case – Guilt is good.  Even if you feel that you do take pretty good care of yourself – there must be something extra you could do to splurge for yourself.


One of my friends recently told me about her decadent “guilty pleasure” experience.  Once her oldest children were in school for the day and her baby was down for a nap, she put in a movie, Midnight in Paris, and watched the whole thing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON! Can you imagine?!

Consider the following:

  • A massage or, better yet, an hour and ½ massage;
  • Buy or send yourself a bouquet of flowers for your office or home;
  • Go to your local bakery and eat that delicious looking and beautifully decorated cupcake;
  • Visit a coffee shop for an hour with a good book;
  • Buy that music CD you’ve been wanting, sit in a room by yourself, and listen to the entire thing.

It doesn’t have to cost a dime.  Take yourself on what author Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way fame calls a “sacred date”.  Take time to go to the beach, the park, an art museum, or on an architectural tour – anything you have been desiring to do, but haven’t done in a long time, if at all.

The key to this process is you select something special to give to yourself to honor and acknowledge all of the hard work that you do for everyone else in your life.


Think of one particularly decadent, fun, or meaningful gift that you could give to or do for yourself.

Now anchor that idea. Think of a day and time in the next two weeks that you WILL do this. Pull out your calendar or to-do list and schedule it or write it down – right now.  Consider whether you need someone’s support to make this happen. Perhaps you need to engage a friend, your husband, and or a babysitter to watch the children. Maybe you need to ask your boss for an afternoon off work. If so, ask this person for his/her support within the next day. Do whatever is necessary to be able to give yourself this gift within the next two weeks. You deserve it!

Here is another coach’s wife’s response to my “Life with Coach” survey question: “When do you feel this is the most wonderful experience to be a part of?”

“When the month of July rolls around and he is on the road recruiting.  That is my “me” time and I can get everything done that needs to be done around the house. I also can travel with girlfriends and not feel any guilt about not being around to take care of my husband. We have been together for over 20 years and being able to put myself first for a month out of the year is good. The rest of the year is focused on him and basketball. Those 11 months are draining.”

Maybe it’s not realistic for some of us to focus an entire month on ourselves, but all of us can find time – even if it’s just an hour here or there – to honor ourselves and give ourselves the attention we need.

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Connie Whitesell Connie Whitesell, the “Other Coach Whitesell”, is the founder of Scattered to Streamlined Business Coaching. She currently is enjoying life – snow and all - in gorgeous Western New York with her University at Buffalo basketball coaching husband, Jim.