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Domestic Violence Siscussion: Part 1

Domestic Violence Siscussion: Part 1

The SIS Twitter Siscussion for February focused on an extremely important issue for women – Domestic Violence.  Our goal for the hour-long chat was to bring Sisters together to discuss how we can influence change.  Sisters need to be heard and supported!  We were thrilled to have so many participants and to reach over 100,000 Twitter accounts over the course of the hour.  See a recap of our Siscussion below.

Spouses In Sports @SpousesInSports
Welcome to #SiScussion! Tonight’s topic is about #domesticviolence. Be Heard. Support. Influence Change. http://www.spousesinsports.com

Spouses In Sports @SpousesInSports
Let’s get this started by getting some introductions. Say hi, tell us where you’re tweeting from and what brings you here!

Driving Out DV @DODVaz
@SpousesInSports Lauren Teahen. My husband @ESPY_TEAHEN & I work with @chrysalisaz. We host @DODVaz to raise awareness & funds for victims.

Christopher Dingman @DingmanChris
President of @DingmanGroup. I’m here to learn more about this topic & do whatever we can to help eliminate it. @SpousesInSports

Brandi Winans @BrandiWinans
@DingmanChris @DingmanGroup @SpousesInSports   Winans #widow of former NFL Player #JeffWinans #PersonalDevelopment #Author 

Erica May Scherzer @emaysway
@SpousesInSports Tweeting from AZ–blessed to work with the Teahens this past year on @DODVaz to raise funds for @chrysalisaz

Jennifer Nunn @nunnsense4
@SpousesInSports Working with on this important issue. Here to learn more from our and friends. #siscussion

Brandi Winans @BrandiWinans
@DODVaz #Thank You for what you do #siscussion

Connie Whitesell @S2SCoachConnie
Check out @SpousesInSports for a valuable discussion of domestic violence

Q1: Have you, or anyone close to you, ever been abused emotionally, verbally or physically? #SiScussion

Driving Out DV @DODVaz
@SpousesInSports My late mother was a DV survivor. The things I witnessed her endure are what drive me to spread awareness. 

Kaycee Sogard @KayceeSogard
@SpousesInSports Just joining in! I lost a childhood friend almost a year ago to domestic violence.

Susan Johnson @suejohnson05
absolutely! The statistics tell us 1 in 3 women will experience DV &/or SA &/or stalking in their lifetime. That’s 2 many.

Brandi Winans @BrandiWinans
forms #Physical #Verbal #Family #Sexual #have you been a victim of any?

Jennifer Nunn @nunnsense4

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Melissa Mahler please lmk how we can support what you doing

Melissa Mahler ‏ Victim’s Perspective Why Does She Stay? one episode from the series

Q2: Do you, or those close to you, feel supported? Is there a safe outlet?

Tasha Wilson-Batch @lamay34
@SpousesInSports no they feel alone, and on the outside of a world that once embraced them

Jennifer Nunn @nunnsense4
Washington Post article we just posted on SiS tells this story exactly

Brandi Winans @BrandiWinans
#siscussion #differentcultures #DVaccepted in some cultures

Brandi Winans @BrandiWinans
Wife #No More #siscussion #afraid to speak #insecure #loss is too great#

Driving Out DV @DODVaz
@SpousesInSports unfortunately many victims are too ashamed or scared to come forward, furthering the cycle of violence.

Chrysalis @chrysalisaz
sometimes they don’t even realize they are a victim. Denial is a powerful emotion that keeps the cycle alive.

Brandi Winans @BrandiWinans
to tell anyone #fear of loss #pillar of community #Celebrity #sports figure #siscussion

karen moyer ‏ SO how can we help?

Driving Out DV @DODVaz
By speaking up or speaking out. Giving victims a voice is the only way to make a change.

Driving Out DV @DODVaz
Learning the proper channels to help. The hardest part is only the victim can decide when that time is.

karen moyer Where can they GO the first time it happens?

Tasha Wilson-Batch @lamay34
they can go to their local women & shelter or to trusted loved ones places, as long as they are safe.

karen moyer ‏ HOTLINE We got your back! BE STRONG!

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karen moyer ‏ DO alumnae get support too!?

Susan Johnson That hotline is a great resource, as friends & supporters it’s important to remember that the victim likely will not leave the first time they experience violence or abuse. Or the 2nd through 6th times.

Susan Johnson  SO important for us to remain a constant support as they wrestle with leaving the love of their life.

karen moyer ‏ NO DOUBT AND sadly kids become innocent victims

@SpousesInSports 1 in 6 adults have. Let’s start looking at the greatest predictor of dv-growing up in a home with -Childhood DV.

karen moyer ‏ If the average is 7 times before they go we have to empower them!!! How?!

Chrysalis @chrysalisaz
empower by letting them know you see it, believe them, never turn your back on them even if they return

SerendipityMD   Friends do hear first, we need to be educated on how to help her when she comes to us.

Q3: Do the current league or team policies protect spouses/girlfriends/families or just protect the athlete?

Kaycee Sogard @KayceeSogard
Honestly I’m not aware of any policies put in place either way.

Susan Johnson  I have yet to see active advocacy or resources posted specifically for athletes wives/gf’s, although most communities have a confidential and free resource for survivors of personal based power violence.

Driving Out DV @DODVaz
@SpousesInSports MLB is currently reformulating their policy to ensure everyone is considered. They are working hard to get it right.

Jennifer Nunn @nunnsense4
Really good to hear. #siscussion @MLB

Susan Johnson  Very glad to hear this. A result of new legislation? Do you happen to know what changes they’re working on?

Driving Out DV @DODVaz
Not at liberty to discuss but I’ve been assured the right people have been put in place ensure proper policy

Susan Johnson  I’m surprised they haven’t shared that this in the works & that they’re supporting healthy families. Excited 2 see!

Driving Out DV @DODVaz
The was quick to “take action” & fell short. I think is doing everything they can to avoid failing.

Susan Johnson ‏ Awesome that both are making changes 🙂 I think society falls short! Props to for raising awareness!

Off the Field PWA @OTFPWA
@SpousesInSports NFL is working on it and things will not just happen over night. The fight to help women of DV will be an on going battle

Off the Field PWA @OTFPWA

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Amanda Davis @mandycouture101
@OTFPWA @SpousesInSports until there is a reality check, like a REAL ONE, uphill but we aren’t stopping.

Erica May Scherzer @emaysway
There are too many stigmas still left in our society for victims to feel 100% supported in every way they need, imo.

Susan Johnson @SpousesInSports If a resource for athletes is of interest I would love to help with that. I’ve been working in this field for 5 years, very near and dear to my heart.

Q4: How can we influence change in league/team policies?

Spouses In Sports Don’t think it can be said any better. @BarackObama

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Erica May Scherzer @emaysway
 Wives/SOs should speak up and demand more support from the teams for DV–they support other causes so why not DV?

Erica May Scherzer @emaysway
@SpousesInSports Start the dialogue, organize the wives and volunteer at a DV shelter, raise money for organizations–just raise awareness!

Kaycee Sogard @KayceeSogard
  All perfect ideas!!

Erica May Scherzer @emaysway
 The more attention this cause/issue gets, the harder it is for leagues/teams to keep ignoring…

Athletes Quarterly @aq_mag
It’s vital for teams/leagues to hire more women in executive positions to help create the entire organization’s policies.

karen moyer ‏ AMEN! Hire more women!

Athletes Quarterly @aq_mag
@SpousesInSports As media, it’s critical for us to do the same and bring more female voices to cover these important issues.

karen moyer ‏ Thank YOU for joining our discussion! Media can tell the story, share solutions and ultimately save lives!

Athletes Quarterly @aq_mag
It’s our pleasure. One other thing we would like to mention…Don’t underestimate the female fan in this process. They are the fastest growing fan base in every sport.

karen moyer ‏ GIRL POWER! Domestic violence has no barriers! We support women in sports BUT want it to STOP everywhere

Peggy VanDeWeghe promotes women in his articles

Brandi Winans @BrandiWinans
to educate and be a voice #bring more awareness #not be afarid to tell your story#

Brandi Winans @BrandiWinans
 #tours of local DV shelters #fundraisers to bring awareness #siscussion

Kimberly Archie‏ @kimberlyarchie
helping put better laws in place is another important element we can help w/as change makers.

Q5: What resources are needed for spouses/girlfriends in sports who are experiencing domestic violence?

Spouses In Sports Former President, @BillClinton has some wise words.

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Jennifer Nunn @nunnsense4
@SpousesInSports A safe/secret person to call.

Jennifer Nunn @nunnsense4
An advocate/liaison who can be on their side and quietly help them navigate the legal system.

Susan Johnson @SpousesInSports the resources are available already, anyone can use incredible community based centers for support, shelter & safety planning in confidence. It would be great if @MLB put together a resource guide that listed the agencies in each baseball community and had a staff member who insured each wife or gf recieved a copy.

Q6: How can a spouse in sports get help for themselves or their spouse without attracting media attention? 

Spouses In Sports Free. Confidential. National domestic violence hotline.

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Christine Glavine‏ @cglavine
the fishbowl is tough sometimes

Off the Field PWA @OTFPWA
@SpousesInSports RUSafe is a dangerous relationship assessment app developed by Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh and Newton Consulting. The app, which started as a Pittsburgh-based app, is now going national! RUSafe?

View image on Twitter

Driving Out DV @DODVaz
each organization needs an educated outlet to provide guidance, counseling & education regarding DV.

Spouses In Sports 
Thank you for joining us tonight. Great ! Though the formal chat is over, please keep the conversation going!

Spouses In Sports Thanks for helping us reach over 105,000 Twitter accounts tonight! Great chat… Visit http://spousesinsports.com  for more info

Driving Out DV @DODVaz
Sad recent events have brought DV to the forefront of discussions, but glad that eyes are being opened to this epidemic.

Peggy VanDeWeghe ‏
will be stopped. Women will be protected & heard! We will NOT put up with THIS!

Laura Eldridge @L_Eldri24
@SpousesInSports what you have started is a blessing for all of us! 🙂 I am so thankful to be a part of a group of women committed to spreading awareness of so many causes, sports related & not!



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