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Guest Blog – NFL SiS Heaven Daniels

Guest Blog – NFL SiS Heaven Daniels

Well, it’s Monday… And granted Mondays are usually a little rough… This Monday in particular is a little more rough than usual. As I watch my husband taking a nap, I can’t help but think just yesterday he was in football season… With an opportunity of a lifetime of making it to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, after dominating most of  their game yesterday… The Packers fell short at the end end, resulting in a loss, not advancing to the Super Bowl, and being back in the off-season. My heart really hurts for my husband and his teammates, because I know how bad they wanted it, and they definitely deserved it. Being a wife to an NFL player allows me to really put things into perspective as far as how the players feel, knowing how much hard work and dedication they put into their crafts, and that these moments come few and far between. Many players have played their entire careers without making it to a playoff game, or the Super Bowl… Many Hall of Famer’s have never even gotten a Super Bowl ring, so to be so close to having the opportunity of a lifetime of… And then watch it fade away in a matter of seconds was pretty brutal & heart wrenching.

If I’m feeling the hurt and pain that I feel, I can only imagine how much deeper the pain is that the players feel. Through it all, I am so thankful for all of their hard work and dedication… And I’m really thankful that my husband has really worked hard to keep a balance in our household by keeping GOD first, family second, and then football. If you know my husband, then you know he is extremely passionate about everything he does… And he lives and breathes football, so knowing that his off season came too soon makes this Monday tough for all of us. I am happy that he is resting… I mean after all, he has been playing in one of the most dangerous sports over the past few months, risking injury to his body & health on the gridiron battlefield. Prayerfully in time this wound stings a little less & will only be reflected on as motivation for the next season.

Keep us prayed up!




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Heaven Daniels Heaven Daniels is wife to NFL Defensive End Mike Daniels.