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My Bucket List Trip to Guatemala

My Bucket List Trip to Guatemala

Make a bucket list! Being married to an athlete there is much sacrifice on our part as the spouse. But one thing I learned to be important was to take care of my soul and make that a priority too. Years ago I committed to taking my kids on mission trips when they turned 16. That tradition continues with all of my 8 kids but I have made a bucket list of organizations and people I want to go on missions with too. One of those was the trip I am just returning from with the Seattle-based organization, Global Partners (GP). I was introduced to this amazing organization by a great friend who had me as his guest at GPs charity luncheon years ago. I was easily impressed by learning about their mission to expand opportunity for people living in poverty, in particular to help women in Latin communities with micro financing. The obvious goal is to help the women in these poor international environments with financing for a business and let the empowerment change the culture today and for the next generation. Having two daughters from Guatemala, not only is my love strong, but my true obligation is to these beautiful people. GP has sent me invites for their Impact Journeys for awhile, and finally this one to Guatemala, these dates, worked out!

I met the “team” of travelers in Houston traveling to Guatemala City. Basic strangers, these 8 wonderful people, we quickly became friends because we are like minded and passionate for making it a better world. After 6 days together we are sure to be lifelong friends. While I was  traveling alone, I know for me what these trips can do. It’s a time I feel closest to The Lord. I have plenty of time for reflection, pray and thinking.


We visited the U.S. Embassy in Guate city before heading 3 hours outside the city to make base camp for our day trips. Needless to say, the government is slow for change and to make change.
Startling stats I learned throughout the trip…

– 80% clients of GP are women 🙂
– Most have 3rd grade education only 🙁
– Biggest cause of death…malnutrition! 1 out of 2 kids dies by age of 5 🙁
– Over 2m Guatemalans in US 🙂
– Over $5B comes from states to Guatemala from relatives. WOW!
– 90% of cocaine that comes to US comes from Guatemala 🙁

I witnessed first hand the positive impact of funding on-ground partners. I saw how GPs investments in such on-ground partners is working to make health matter in rural livelihoods, along with green technology and micro financing to make positive and sustainable change. It was an honor to witness how things can be better for such poor communities and the unselfish Americans we met along the way who have committed their lives to this work.

My heart is always filled with the children who are so happy living in the poorest of conditions, and the women who work so hard doing the same thing all day to provide for their families. These women work in a few skill areas like textiles. They will spend months on one beautiful piece of clothing to sell in the community or to tourists. They will make tortillas or other foods all day to sell. I LOVE “giving back” to Guatemala! I have two daughters from there and want to help where I can. I expect them to do the same someday. I really feel the people of Guatemala see to my soul. I am a magnet to the children and feel so mutually inspired from being with them. The physical landscape beauty of Guatemala is breathtaking, especially in the rural areas with the lakes, volcanoes and mountains. Seems like an oxymoron to have the most beautiful views, that we pay millions to live on in the states, be everywhere you look in a country so devastated with poverty. BUT God is good! I am so blessed from this journey. I look forward to my return. Most of all so happy I made a bucket list!

To see more pictures from my trip, check me out on Twitter @kmo50moyer!

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