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Essential Oils for Holistic Wellness

Essential Oils for Holistic Wellness

The interest in alternative medicine has increased over the past decade. Healthcare groups are becoming more aware of this shift to a more mainstream interest in Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) and studies have been done in US Hospitals that document the rise. Cultural influences are linked to this interest in alternative medicine and wellness.  As health care costs rise, constant breaking news regarding negative health impacts of our food and products are making the public question how we are living. As the studies have indicated, people are turning to alternative medicine and a holistic approach to health. Essential oils can be an opportunity for one to make the changes in their daily routines to live a more natural, safe, and healthy life.

Holistic Wellness integrates the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of daily life. The responsibility for optimal health does not depend on your health care plan, your health is your responsibility. http://ahha.org/ahhastep.htm To achieve optimal wellness you must take care of all areas of your health. Essential oils and dōTERRA offer the unique opportunity to provide anyone with a new philosophy to wellness. “Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, and flowers of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant, eliciting profound emotional responses. Yet the use of essential oils goes well beyond their fragrant appeal. Used throughout history for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits, essential oils can be used as natural alternatives in holistic self-care practices. Their unique chemistry allows them to be used aromatically and applied topically to the skin, while other essential oils can be used as dietary aids to promote vitality and well being.www.mydoterra.com/rebeccaarguello  They are 100% pure aromatic extracts, contain no artificial ingredients, and are tested to be free of contaminants such as pesticides or other chemical residues.

Essential oils came into my home three years ago. My aunt shared Frankincense and Fractionated Coconut oil with me. I’ve struggled through my mid twenties with skin I just couldn’t get the hang of. The simplicity of the two small bottles instantly hooked me. Gone are my days standing in the beauty aisles and filling up my bathroom drawers and quart size baggies with products that would never work. I began researching different oils, their uses, blending, and realized the versatility each oil offers. If I couldn’t use it for one thing, I could use it for ten others. Through my research I found that these oils would not only help me, but they could help every single person in my family. The first person on my list, my husband.

My husband has spent the last 13 years as a pitcher. You do not go through those years without pain. I came to a point where I felt my hands were tied, after struggling with constant battles with the DL or pitching through the pain, I could no longer just sit and watch or offer the supportive words that seemed to be on repeat. He was struggling physically and we both were taking an emotional hit. Essential oils offered me the opportunity to make an impact, to help. I put together a protocol for him to use to deal with the pain every player deals with. It’s been three seasons now that he has had his oils, morning and night, he has his ritual, and gone is the substance – like the bottle of Motrin. The oils have become our medicine cabinet for everything anyone might need. I could share so many personal successes with the oils, and we have not looked back. Our road to wellness began with a small bottle and a need to help. Along the way I have acquired an incredible wealth of information, and dōTERRA takes pride in the fact that they are not only providing amazing tools for wellness but they educate and empower.

Every body is different, so what may work well for one person may not be the right fit for another. However, do not forget the versatility of the oils, if you cannot use it for one thing you can use it for something else. Experiment, practice, and learn. Find that you end up using a few oils consistently. Spray down your hotel room for all those roads trips, boost your immunity, get through those rough back to school months. The amazing gift these oils can give each and every one of us is freedom. We have the freedom to choose, freedom to care for our families, freedom to raise our children healthy and educated about their own health.

I look back on the years in baseball and the women and men we have met along the way. Everyone has different and similar stories, challenges that we all face.  Every year there are those beginning this journey, and all the highs and lows it can bring. Women just coming into this life of constant change and unknowns. Women growing in their own lives and growing up, women becoming wives, mothers, and grandmothers. I want everyone to know all of these changes can be met with peace. Essential oils are another tool in the toolbox. Take the opportunity to improve your health and wellness by incorporating these into your life. The simple peace one can have from a calming moment, an ounce of patience, and the feeling of helping, can make this crazy, wonderful life a bit easier and more rewarding than you may have ever imagined.

To learn more about dōTERRA, their essential oils and wellness products, please visit www.mydoterra.com/rebeccaarguello.

Please also visit this great resource website www.everythingessential.me to learn more about essential oils and their uses.

If you are interested in samples or have any questions please email me at rebecca.arguello16@gmail.com.


I am a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, a Nationally Certified American Sign Language Interpreter, and hold a BA in Anthropology. My eclectic interests are all tied to my passion for culture, language, learning and people.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill


Rebecca Arguello Rebecca Arguello is a doTerra Wellness Advocate & wife of MiLB Pitcher Douglas Arguello.