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Guest Blog – Kim Hudson, SF Giants

Guest Blog – Kim Hudson, SF Giants

*Throughout the 2014 MLB Postseason, Spouses in Sports is celebrating our SiSters in the playoffs by hosting ladies from each team as guest bloggers to share their journey through this exciting time!


Today is our 15th wedding anniversary. And for the first time ever, we’re still playing baseball. Now that’s a gift! We were engaged and set our wedding date while Tim was still in the minor leagues. We set the date for late October, knowing we’d be safe. What we didn’t know was that he’d get called up that season, and the major league season can potentially go well into October. We cut it close, but what do you expect? Baseball always makes life a little more interesting. 🙂

Fifteen years later, the kids and I are on a plane with Tim and the Giants from Kansas City back to San Francisco. Tomorrow Tim will start his first ever World Series game at the ripe young age of 39. I couldn’t be more excited, proud, nervous, happy, or terrified.

There has been a lot of focus on the fact that this is Tim’s 16th season in the big leagues and his first World Series. It is pretty amazing, but it’s also perfect. God has perfect plans for all of us, and this is simply part of ours. If we would have made it with one of the talented A’s or Braves teams, there’s a good chance that our kids would have been too young to experience or even remember it. But this season, our kids are ages 13, 10, and 9. And they are loving every second. We’ve had them with us from Game 1 of the NLCS. It has been challenging to focus on homework, and their grades will likely suffer a bit when they go back to make up tests that they’ve missed. But the experiences that they’ve had and the memories that they’ve made these past few weeks are priceless. And we’re only on Game 3 of the World Series!

I am so thankful for so many things. But today I’m especially thankful for my 15 years of marriage, our three children, and the big opportunity that awaits us in Game 3 of the World Series tomorrow.

Kim Hudson’s Guest Blog #1
Headed to the LCS, for the 1st time in our career!

This is our 16th season in Major League Baseball, and believe it or not, I’m sitting here in a hotel room in St. Louis facing a brand new scenario.  We have advanced to the National League Championship Series with the San Francisco Giants. For the first time. Ever. In 16 years.



We have been blessed beyond measure to play on some fabulous teams in Oakland, Atlanta, and now in San Francisco. We’ve been to the first round of the play-offs plenty of times, but have never advanced. Now we’re here…and I love it!

To be honest, my calendar was pretty full for the upcoming week with kids’ activities, my work schedule, and Foundation responsibilities. I’m about as Type A as you can be, but surprisingly enough, I’m very OK with bagging all of that and letting the baseball playoffs dominate my calendar!

We have three children and an amazing support system at home.  I’ve spent the last 10 days with my husband. By myself. We promised the kiddos that “when” we made it to the second round, then they could join us. So…today the Hudson circus comes to town! Next week is the last week of the grading period at school, and getting everything finished is a little suspect, but I really think that I’m OK with it! We’re ready to see the kids and let them enjoy this crazy, nerve-wracking, super fun time with us.

This is a very young team, but the (very large) age gap that exists between us and most of the players and wives/girlfriends has never been an issue. This is an absolutely amazing group of people, and we are having a blast. Most of these guys are twenty-something’s, barely thirty, superstar athletes with 2 World Series rings. And the nicest people that you’ll ever meet. They can’t believe that Tim has never advanced to the NLCS, and they love it that they’ve helped to get him here. We’re all having so much fun…and winning…which is a great combination.



We are so thankful for all of the teams that we have been a part of and all of the rewarding, and even frustrating, seasons that we’ve experienced. Because sitting here in St. Louis, literally looking at Busch Stadium across the street, is probably sweeter for us than anyone else in this building. We’re going to enjoy the ride.

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