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Guest Blog – Kate Butler, Kansas City Royals

Guest Blog – Kate Butler, Kansas City Royals

*Throughout the 2014 MLB Postseason, Spouses in Sports is celebrating our SiSters in the playoffs by hosting ladies from each team as guest bloggers to share their journey through this exciting time!


Billy and I hade made the command decision to not fly the kids or family out for the Wild Card game in Kansas City! I guess you can say we were sticking with the “Cautiously Optimistic” motto! If we lost it we would have packed up the next day and headed home to start our offseason…but if we won we were immediately flying to Anaheim to face the Angels in the ALDS!

It was such a weird feeling packing a suitcase and a carry on bag to take to the game. I had to have it packed and loaded on the equipment truck before the game and I couldn’t help how lame it would feel to just to have to walk my suitcase back across the parking lot to my car to head home if we lost!

I got to the game super early and hung around in the family room…no kids…no family to entertain and way too much nervous energy! I was able to answer every single email I’ve been putting off for two weeks in twenty minutes!

I let Billy decide whom to give our other 3 season tickets to behind home plate and he picked three of his good buddies that play for the Chiefs!


They had just upset the New England Patriots the night before on Monday Night Football and these goofs ended up being big blessings in disguise because they kept me laughing at the most tense moments!

The A’s jumped out of the gate with 2 runs in the first inning which we answered with 1 in the bottom of the first…We jumped ahead 3 to 2 in the 3rd inning only for the A’s to silence a sellout crowd with 4 runs in the 6th inning making it 7-3. I wanted to cry! I actually went and sat inside at a table with a TV by myself for a little while! We strung together 3 more runs in the 8th to make it 7-6! We TIED it up in the bottom of the ninth and that stadium was going INSANE!

We made it all the way to the 12th inning, only for the A’s to go up a run! Again I wanted to cry! We got up in the bottom of the 12th and tied the game, and proceeded to walk off the A’s in a 4 hour and 45 minute game! I CRIED (do you see a pattern here!?!) It was by far the most emotionally thrilling and draining game I have ever witnessed!

I was lucky enough to be sitting by some of the girls on the team and for 3 of us who had been together since Double A it was such a surreal moment to hug each other over and over so excited that we had ended this 29 year playoff drought!

We ended up on the field with the guys where my dear sweet husband came out with a champagne bottle and completely doused me! Looking back I wish I had taken more pictures that night!


Soaking wet and smelling like champagne we changed into our pre-packed business casual wear and boarded a plane to Anaheim!

Next Post….Angels, ALDS & 100 degrees in October!


Katie Butler’s Guest Blog #1:
The Queens of Kansas City – Royals Wives

When I received a text from Karen Moyer in regards to blogging about my playoff experience I jumped at the opportunity! Although my blogging background isn’t real strong I thought it would be a great way to slow down and put some of my thoughts and feelings on paper about my FIRST October baseball experience that touches a little deeper then my Instagram account.

First a little background…

My name is Katie Butler and my husband, Billy, has been a part of the Kansas City Royals Organization since 2004. We have two little girls, Kenley (almost 6) and Karsyn (almost 2) who have spent more of their life in Kansas City than anywhere else!

Now a little perspective….

Since Billy’s debut in 2007 we have spent 7 of 8 seasons packing and shipping our cars home before the end of the season so we could hop right into an October of relaxing, maybe a vacation and of course decorating for Halloween (one of only three holidays I own décor for thanks to baseball life). The Royals had not sniffed a playoff game since they won their only World Series in 1985 and we owned the longest playoff drought in professional sports! Yay us!

How did we get to ROYALtober according to a Royal Wife…

The 2014 season had been pegged as “the year” for years here in Kansas City! So you can only imagine the anticipation we had pulling out of Surprise, AZ heading to Opening Day. Little did we know the boys in blue would experience a rollercoaster season with crazy winning streaks and head shaking losses, while at the same time, on a personal front, the toughest season my husband had to date in his career!

So, it was a little bit of relief when the kids and I packed up our SUV and headed home to Arizona July 31st ! This was the first season we went from being a “Baseball Family” to a “Baseball Family with kids in school”! My daughter, Kenley, started Kindergarten in AZ the first week of August and we made a move from Scottsdale to Paradise Valley all in the same week! So, I had plenty of projects to keep myself busy and just periodically check my MLB app during the game! As we inched closer and closer to the end of the season we were climbing higher and higher above .500! We even had a good stretch were we surpassed the mighty Tigers and got to see what the view from the top of a division looked like! So, when my husband called me mid-September and said the team is asking if we want to keep our season tickets behind home plate for the playoffs…my first reaction was HOW MUCH? Lol. Then…IS THIS REAL? My mind had been pre-wired to just see Billy roll up the driveway in his huge red truck with a U-Haul of stuff by the first weekend in October! The only baseball I’ve seen in October is on TV!

On our bi-weekly weekend visits to Kansas City to see Billy you could just feel the excitement stirring in Kansas City! Everyone wanted to know how we were feeling about our playoff chances and I would respond with we are “Cautiously Excited!” It became my September motto!

As the last week of the season rolled around and we were still seeing more wins than losses…so I made arrangements with our families to watch the girls so I could head to Chicago on the chance we could clinch a playoff spot! We had a wives dinner at RPM before the second game of the series! Who knew if this was our last weekend together until Spring Training!

We headed to the game…late as usual….but we had a lead! We ended up winning that game and clenched one of the two wild card spots! There was lots of tears, cheering, pictures and champagne! Up to that point it was the coolest thing I had ever seen! Seeing how happy these guys were was such a neat feeling!

The last two games of the season wrapped up and we had secured a Wild Card game in Kansas City against the Oakland A’s….Now that I’ve caught you up on how we got to Post season! Let’s talk playoffs….  


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