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Extraordinary Deal from SiS Partner Wheels up

Extraordinary Deal from SiS Partner Wheels up

Exclusive Travel Offer for SiS Members

It’s an exciting time for our MLB SiSters headed to the playoffs!  I clearly remember the last-minute planning that goes along with being in the postseason so I am thrilled to share an exclusive special offer that can hopefully make your life easier during this wild and crazy time!For SiS members who have need for last-minute or private air travel during the upcoming MLB playoffs, our partner Wheels Up has you covered.  Some of you may already be familiar with Wheels Up, a membership-based private aviation company (see ad on this page).  Good news, during the playoffs, Wheels Up is offering access to their closed fleet of private aircraft without the normally required membership fee!  This is in addition to the fact that Wheels Up already significantly reduces the cost of flying privately while providing renown flexibility and service.

Traveling a short distance?  Wheels Up gives you exclusive access to the brand new King Air 350i, perfectly tailored for shorter-haul trips.  The aircraft’s short field performance enables it to land at vastly more airports, putting you closer to your final destination and reducing the total travel time.  The King Air 350i is almost as fast as a jet on trips up to two hours, while being more economical and efficient.  That means you save time and money getting everyone and everything you need to your destination in one simple, yet sophisticated flight.

If you need to travel a longer distance, Wheels Up will provide a mission-appropriate aircraft at a competitive cost per hour.  Wheels Up has plenty of options, all the way up to large cabin aircraft!

Something to consider – share the trip!  I did this so many times with fellow families on our team.  Wheels Up can give you access to never-before-utilized flight share technology, which allows you to coordinate flight plans and can result in a reduction of hourly flight costs.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, email MLBplayoffs@wheelsup.com.

For questions or other travel needs, contact Sr. Vice President Andre Hazelwood directly at 310-882-9203 or ahazelwood@wheelsup.com.

Happy Travels & Enjoy the Ride!
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