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Revolutionary App Teaches Early Reading

Revolutionary App Teaches Early Reading

My name is Heidi Dobbs and I am the mother of two lovable kiddos, wife of a MLB baseball player, elementary school teacher, and founder of babyfonics genius™ – a revolutionary new app that I am SO excited to share with you.  babyfonics genius™ teaches children to read even before they learn their ABCs!

Six years ago I first created and used this simple common-sense approach with my daughter, and she was reading by age 2!  It was so easy my son soon followed in her footsteps.  With my unique babyfonics genius™ app, all kids can learn to read – naturally.

Why am I on a mission to change the way reading is taught?  Because when my husband, Greg was in the minor leagues, I had the opportunity to teach in different cities around the country and I was shocked and upset by the number of 2nd and 3rd graders I met who could not read.

It broke my heart thinking about their road ahead and their future.  And that drove me to create this app and make it FREE and available for ALL children.

The way reading is taught today is just too difficult and stressful.  Too many kids struggle and become discouraged.  Just because reading has been taught a certain way for the past 30 years doesn’t mean it is the best way.  It’s time for change!

Remember those ABCs they drilled into us when we were kids? Forget them!

It turns out the ABCs actually make learning to read much harder than it needs to be.  My babyfonics genius™ system teaches children to identify alphabet letters by their SOUNDS, not their letter names.  And that makes all the difference!

babyfonics genius™ can be started as soon as your baby has learned to identify a dog, a ball, or a cat.  It fits around busy parent schedules – and best of all, it’s FUN!

Sounds great, but … how complicated is it?

Not complicated at all!  I designed babyfonics genius™ to be 100% intuitive.  It’s laid out in four simple phases – with suggested games and activities to reinforce your baby’s lettersound learning all along the way.

Simple screens, whiteboard tools, and specially-assembled starter word lists help make babyfonics genius™ just one more play activity that fits naturally into the time you already spend interacting with your little one.  And I include demonstration videos to help you grasp a few key techniques. Within a few days of starting, I promise you’ll both be comfortable and on your way.

What kind of difference can babyfonics genius™ make?

Night and day! Just consider the story of Joey and Courtney: Joey knows all his ABCs. Courtney doesn’t know her ABCs – but she knows her LETTERSOUNDS, because her parents used the babyfonics genius™ app.

Both kids start kindergarten. The teacher asks Joey to read the word “ant”. He recites the letters “A…N…T.”  Then the teacher asks Courtney to read the same word, and she says “aaaaa… nnnnn… ttttt, ant!” with a confident smile.

Who wouldn’t want their child to be the one ahead of the game and ready for reading success like that?

Here are some things that make us totally different than any other app:

  • babyfonics genius™ can be used effectively from a very early age.
  • It doesn’t teach the ABCs. It teaches only letterSOUNDS.
  • babyfonics genius™ uses all lower-case letters, except for “I”. Books aren’t written or read in ALL CAPS.
  • babyfonics genius™  is easy, fun, and creative for both baby AND their parents.
  • By making reading come naturally, babyfonics genius™ can help any child build confidence and communication skills that set the stage for success in life.

I strongly believe every child deserves the babyfonics genius™ advantage – a solid reading foundation.  Try it for yourself and you’ll be amazed at the results!

Please visit my website at babyfonics.com for app information and Frequently Asked Questions. For additional pictures, videos of toddlers reading, and other fun info, you can access my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages from the website, too.

babyfonics genius™ app link:   https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/babyfonics-genius/id882933573?mt=8

Feel free to contact me for any additional information or questions.

Heidi Dobbs
Founder, babyfonics genius™

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Heidi Dobbs Heidi Dobbs is the wife of MLB player Greg Dobbs, mother of two, elementary school teacher, and founder of babyfonics genius™.