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Nana’s Meatballs

Nana’s Meatballs

This recipe originally appeared in the 2000 Mariners Wives Cookbook and comes from Karen Moyer’s Mom, Teresa. According to Karen’s husband, Jamie, “These are the best meatballs I’ve ever had. My mother-in-law always makes them for me when I’m home or when she visits.” Enjoy!


½ pound ground Italian sausage (mild)
¼ pound ground veal
¼ pound ground pork
1 pound lean ground beef
2 eggs, beaten
¼ cups parsley, chopped
½ cup Parmesan cheese
1 cup Italian seasoned bread crumbs
garlic salt and oregano to taste
2 jars (15½ ounces each) spaghetti sauce
1 pound pasta, cooked


Mix all ingredients together (with your hands). Shape into baseball sized balls. Put in a large pot and cover with two jars of your favorite spaghetti sauce. Bring to a boil and quickly reduce heat to low and simmer for about 4 hours. Check to make sure meatballs aren’t sticking to the bottom of the pot. Cook your favorite pasta. Drain and put on a dish. Arrange meatballs around the pasta and pour the sauce on top. Sprinkle with some Parmesan cheese. Makes 12 large meatballs.


Karen Moyer A coach's daughter, MLB Sis and mother of athletes, Karen lives by the motto "Make Every Day Ridiculously Amazing". Mother of eight, she is also an entrepreneur, wife, and philanthropist. Founder/CEO of Sisters In Sports, as well as the Co-Founder of The Moyer Foundation, alongside her husband, retired MLB pitcher, Jamie Moyer.