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How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Life is precious.  Each day is a gift that should be embraced and never taken for granted.  While this is true, you’re probably reading this and rolling your eyes.  You have yet to accomplish your overbearing to-do list and your home hasn’t been cleaned in two weeks.  The kids are taking full advantage of summer break, while you are pulling your hair out.  You think to yourself, living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is the least of your concerns.  Life is just too busy and there’s always time in the future, Right?  Wrong!  Let’s pause.  Take a deep breath.  It’s time to revamp how we go about each day and allow ourselves to live the life we deserve.  We are blessed with this one life, so let’s make the most of it by being positive, healthy and well balanced.  Here are some of my favorite ways to make this happen!

1.  Stop complaining and appreciate:  Try to go one day without complaining.   I admit, it’s not always easy!   From the weather to our hair, I get it that sometimes we just need to let it out.  However, I challenge you to one day of gratitude and appreciation.  A positive mind and outlook are great for the soul!

2.  Sing a happy song:  Get your mind off of everything you are dealing with.  Turn on some positive tunes or even some classical music.  Take your busy mind elsewhere for a few moments.

3.  Treat yourself to some quiet time:  Give yourself at least five quiet minutes each day.  If time is tight during the day, make an effort to wake up ten to fifteen minutes early.  I always encourage clients to write morning thoughts in a journal, pray and meditate.

4.  Reduce chemical filled soaps, make-up and products:  What you put onto your body is just as important as what you put into your body.  Check the ingredients of the products you use.  If you don’t know what the listed ingredients are, I encourage you to get rid of it.  Stick with natural organic products.

5.  Reduce television time:  Spend more time reading, enjoying the great outdoors, crafts and your family.  This is much more rewarding than watching shows all evening.

6.  Avoid cooking with a microwave:  It zaps the nutrients right out of your food!  Do your best to cook on the stove or in the oven.  We eat to nutritionally fuel our bodies. Using a microwave to cook your food defeats the purpose!

7.  Chew your food well:  This will really help improve your digestion.  We tend to eat quickly while sidetracked.  Chew your food thoroughly, put down your fork in between bites and eat slowly. Your body won’t have to spend so much energy breaking down your food to digest.  It may also help your body absorb more nutrients while making you less gassy!

8.  Say grace before each meal and be present:  Giving gratitude before each meal makes the moment a little more special.  It can bring more peace and awareness to what is before us.  It’s a great way to stop and enjoy the moment.

9.  Keep an organized home, office and car:  The less cluttered your surrounding are, the less cluttered your life will be.  Knowing where your papers and important goodies are kept is less stressful on the mind.  Keep a set place for keys, files and bills.  Know where everything is and feel good about your surroundings.  Adding fresh flowers and soy candles to your home for a calming environment!

10.  Eat organic whole foods, shop local and eat for nourishment:  Everyone wants to eat to get thin.  That’s not what our main focus should be.  While we want to look our best, we also want to feel our best too!  Get close to your food by stopping by your farmer’s market and buying local produce.  This increases the nutrients in your food, while cutting down on pollution.

It’s never too late to hit the refresh button and begin again.  Tomorrow is a new day. Let’s make the most of it.  We can all make little changes to reach a healthier and happier lifestyle.  After all, you deserve it!

Best in Health,
Jenna Lento
Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach



Jenna Lento Jenna Lento is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and wife of AHL player, Evan Rankin. Visit her website at JennaLento.com.