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Night at the Emmy’s

Night at the Emmy’s

I have never done the charity work I do for the accolades of awards!  The HBO One Last Hug documentary was a project I fought.  I was concerned about exposing my campers mainly, and losing editing rights made me so nervous.  Our camp story could be sliced so many ways and there was no guarantee it was going to be told properly.

Nearly 2 years after it was filmed I sat at HBO with Sheila Nevins and her staff to watch a near final edit of OLH!  I cried! They nailed it!  NO Hollywood!  It was camp from the eyes of the campers.  I wanted my tag line added “no child should grieve alone”.  It was, and we were now figuring out programming dates.  For 9 months prior to the TV air date we hosted premiers all over the country and put together a panel of experts post-viewing to start a conversation about the film and the topic of grief.  When I would introduce the film I would warn the audience that if they have suffered a loss and hadn’t dealt with the grief that this would ignite that and we could get them help.  Kleenex is a must!  I hated sitting through the film in this setting because the tears begin immediately and my natural response is to go hug someone when they are crying or sad.  BUT I knew thru OLH it’s best to let them get thru the film and then hug.

We found out in July that OLH was nominated for an Emmy in the children’s category.  We were obviously thrilled!  My friends in Hollywood said the votes were in, there was no lobbying we could do, and that all I needed was a dress 🙂

HBO sure took care of us in Beverly Hills!  “Us” was the producer, Irene Taylor Brodsky and the director, Greg DeHart.  We arrived at the red carpet at LA’s Nokia Theater a few hours before show time and had a blast!  Meeting people from different shows was fun for sure!  We were row N and on the end so we were wishfully thinking that was a good sign.  Two and a half hours into the show and we find out our category is 4 away.  The girls walking around with headsets told one of our competitions to stay in their seat because their category was coming up.  We figured they had won.  I was tweeting the entire event and just took a photo of the catalogue with our listing and messaged “proud no matter what”!  Not gonna lie though…sitting there that long you DO want to win!  When the presenter (and I was in such a daze I had to ask the next day who the presenter was) said “and the Emmy goes to…” and I heard the word “One” I knew “Last Hug” had to be next… I dropped my purse with my phone in it and screamed.  Greg, Irene and Lauren (from Our House, our Camp Erin LA partner and featured in the film) went on stage!  I was shaking and trying to keep it together emotionally!  I held on to Lauren walking up the steps and couldn’t believe we were there on stage accepting the award!  These huge red numbers were way off in the distance counting backward for Greg to say all he could.  His words were too long, the red numbers were 3,2,1 and the music started to cut him off and then they cutoff his mic.  Shaking still, we were escorted backstage and the rest was like a dream.  It’s exactly what you think…dark, lots of really nice people with headsets, celebrities, photos, media stops and moments of “is this really happening”!?  I grabbed the mic every chance we had to talk about the camp. The interviewers were always amazed and wanted more.  I know when to seize those opportunities and remind all…the camps are FREE!

By the time we got back to our seats my phone that I left behind was dying and the show was almost over.  We had a little more media to do post-show and then Irene and I walked to the convention center for the After Party!  It was ridiculously amazing!  The atmosphere, the food, the drinks, the people…  Many recognized my gorgeous Stella McCartney dress and congratulated me! We would start conversation about the camps and I made many new friends for our cause.  Most fun was meeting the cast of Disney’s “Good Luck Charlie” show.  Long story short they came to Camp Erin LA 6 days later in Malibu and witnessed a bit of the magic and are now huge advocates for our cause!  We danced the night away and I kept wanting Irene to pinch me that this was really happening!  I sure missed the Moyer Foundation being there to celebrate but I represented well!  My life has turned upside down since winning the Emmy mainly for eyes opening wider to our cause, and the two other films I was already working on!  For the campers who shared their stories, the partners who perform the magic, our camps, and the future of our mission at The Moyer Foundation at all of our camps, winning the Emmy for something that is a personal passion is such a gift!



Karen Moyer A coach's daughter, MLB Sis and mother of athletes, Karen lives by the motto "Make Every Day Ridiculously Amazing". Mother of eight, she is also an entrepreneur, wife, and philanthropist. Founder/CEO of Sisters In Sports, as well as the Co-Founder of The Moyer Foundation, alongside her husband, retired MLB pitcher, Jamie Moyer.