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Health on the Go!

Health on the Go!

Pack up your bags; it’s time for our next adventure!  If you’re anything like me, these words are commonly heard throughout your home.  A life of traveling from city to city, living life out of a suitcase, never certain as to where your loved one’s career will take you next.  It’s an adventurous lifestyle blessed with travel, new friends and opportunity.   As I continue to work on this hockey wife gig, one area I ALWAYS try to keep consistent is my health.  Having a career as a board certified holistic health and wellness coach I realize how your health can affect not only your body, but your mind and overall life balance as well.  So, before you pack your bag for another season or road trip, you want to make sure that you’re also packing these healthy tips before you hit the road.

Do Your Research

Before leaving for your next trip or new city, research dining options.  Look for restaurants that fit your health needs and plan your food according to your schedule.  I always encourage clients to look for smoothie, juice and vegan restaurants nearby.  This ensures fresh greens and nutrition while away from home or living life out of a hotel.  If that doesn’t suit your fancy, find other restaurants near you and preview the menu.  Never walk into a restaurant without knowing if healthy options are offered.

Be Prepared

Pack healthy snacks and plenty of purified water to get you through your travels.  I suggest fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, protein bars, protein powder (toss in your shaker bottle for a boost of vitamins and nutrients), homemade healthy muffins, green juices and organic rice cakes too! If headed to a hotel or new apartment complex, check to see if you’ll have access to a workout facility (most do!).  If so, utilize that bad boy!  If not, look for other ways to get your fit-self on!  You can always print off workouts from www.JennaLento.com and do them in your hotel room.  You can also take a morning walk or jog, while enjoying new scenery.  Another idea is to look for gyms or yoga studios that offer short term passes nearby.  No excuses my healthy girls!

Sleep like a Baby

If possible, bring your own pillow to ensure a familiar comfort during the night.  Bring an eye mask in case the drapes don’t completely shut out the light.  Close your blinds before hitting the hay as a dark room helps deepen your sleep and won’t wake you earlier than desired. Bring your own essential oil spray.  We love lavender or citrus infused sprays.  These all-natural smells bring a sense of calm and relaxing atmosphere wherever you park it for the night.

Stay on Track

Always allow yourself a little splurge here and there, but don’t get carried away.  If you know you are eating out for dinner, try to keep your other meals light and lean.  Maintain a balanced diet and get plenty of vegetables and fruit.  Check out your city’s farmer’s market and look into investing in an organic co-op.  Also, don’t forget to bring your vitamins along for the ride.  After all, beauty comes from the inside out!  Beat the bloat, and drink PLENTY of water!

Whether you are traveling to a new city or back home after a long season, these healthy travel suggestions can go right along with you.  Research, plan and prep before you travel anywhere.  Applying some or all of these ideas may help you maintain your fitness and weight goals, promote restful sleep, prevent illness, save money, reduce stress and enjoy your travels no matter where the road takes you.  I’m wishing all of you beautiful ladies healthy seasons filled with healthy, safe and memorable times. 

Best in Health,
Jenna Lento
Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach



Jenna Lento Jenna Lento is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and wife of AHL player, Evan Rankin. Visit her website at JennaLento.com.