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Faux for your Home Design

Faux for your Home Design

To faux or not to faux?  That is the question.  Well not in the Justice home.  I see blank palettes on furniture, walls, everywhere.  Whenever possible, I enhance with faux.

Faux, of course as you girls know, means fake.  Hey, we fake it when we use mascara to make our lashes appear darker, or red lipstick to enhance our lips, don’t we?  So, why not do the same to your interior or exterior home decor?  Personalize it through faux artistry!

Faux art has gone back to ancient Egyptian civilization.  Clearly we are not re inventing the wheel but working on enhancing the art form and perfecting it through faux expression.

Here are some ideas and tips to think about when considering faux for your home.  First and foremost, hire a very experienced and knowledgeable artist.  You have to be able to really bond and like the artist.  It’s all about good energy.  This person will be in your home and you want them to feel the good vibes to excel.

– The artist must be referred to you from someone you trust!
– Trust your artist.
– Respect your artist.
– Even if the artist is amazing but the good energy is not there, do not hire them.
– A good artist will have done his or her research.
– Make sure you sign off and agree on your expectations.
– View her or his work before hiring them.
– Make sure that the artist you hire to do the work is the only artist that does the work, do not let them call in for other help.  Make that clear.  No two artists are the same and that will be exhibiting through your faux.

There are so many ways to have faux throughout your home.  Of course the walls are always a must. Faux really warms and customizes the home and ambiance.  The trick is not to overdo it. Some of my favorite pieces that are faux in my home are shown above and below.  Pieces like this are available through Rebecca Justice Collections too!

1) My armoire (above) that I had designed for my line tells a story of angels and saints that I relate to my children and my roots.

2) One of my signature pieces is the table on which I have an artist come and write a prayer, psalm, children’s names, whatever the client asks. See (above) my client’s table and incorporates my sacred heart logo that she wanted as a centerpiece.

3) My refrigerator (below) that I had made to look like a piece of furniture.

4) My kitchen nook tables and chairs (below).  My favorite golds for home decor are French blue, golds, crèmes and reds.  So this is what I incorporated.

I hope you enjoy all these fun home decor faux ideas and that I have inspired you!

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I have lots of fun stuff coming, including Iconic, blown glass, one-of-a-kind vases.  Stay tuned!





Rebecca Justice Rebecca Justice is a baseball Sis, wife of retired World Series champion, David Justice. She is a designer of her own iconic jewelry line, House of Sacred Flame.