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Q&A with Rebecca Justice

Q&A with Rebecca Justice

This month we interviewed Rebecca Justice, wife of World Series Champion David Justice, mother of three, and accomplished woman in her own right.  Rebecca is just coming off her appearance on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap and has her own business, Rebecca Justice Collections, that has recently launched a new accessories line, “House of Sacred Flame”. (click here to learn more)  We thank Rebecca for taking time out of her busy schedule to catch up with SiS and share about her life….

How did you and David meet? Was it love at first sight?

David and I met in Atlanta in 2000 at Justin’s restaurant for the Super Bowl.  I was there hosting a Super Bowl Party with HBO’s “Sopranos”.  I was promoting and was there to do interviews for my modeling calendar.  Well, the calendars were stolen at the airport and never showed up.  I was so upset , what a waste!  David came up to me and asked if he could take a picture with me and the lights were flashing from everywhere.  I went temporarily blind:).  He was such a gentleman and had so much charisma, and so tall geez, but also just very nice.  He asked for my number and I would not give it to him but I took his.  We saw each other the next day and were soul mates from that point on and forever.  Love at first sight?  Nah, I don’t believe in that, but definite attraction and “like” at first conversation.  Thank God my calendars didn’t show up because I would have been in a separate room all night signing them, not with the general public!

13 years of marriage? What tips/advice can you offer young and up-and-coming wives in the game? 

It will be 14 years in February.  Tips/advice is as follows…. Enjoy every aspect of this life and know how blessed you are.  Never ever complain about your man working and being gone, because it’s all for his family.  This is not forever, this lifestyle changes and the game changes…players retire, players get hurt…. Stay humble because it will all end one day and hopefully your man has a good transition.  Also, ladies spend money wisely and know one day the dreaded “B” word is inevitable!!  Drum roll please!… Yes you will be on a budget.  Make sure you don’t use the majority of what you have during the baseball years.  You will want all that for afterward – trust me!

You graduated from Long Beach State University with a degree in Design & Fashion Merchandising, right? What were some of the jobs and opportunities you’ve had before launching Rebecca Justice Collections?

Yes, I graduated from the University of Long Beach.  I received a Fashion Merchandising degree and studied health and fitness.  I worked for various designer corporations, I was a fitness and fashion model, a co-host on ESPN2, and I did a little acting.  My bread and butter came from my modeling campaigns and my calendar business.

Can you tell us a little more about your passion for jewelry and home design? What inspired you to create Rebecca Justice Designs? Frequently featured on Spouses in Sports, share a little more about your business!

I have been a designer since I came out of the womb.  I love the art of design and expression!  It’s always been my passion…. I have always loved jewelry and accessories even when I didn’t have diamonds.  I just love jewelry that tells a story, that had it’s moment.

My love for home design came after our home burnt to the ground, taking my zest for life with it. Designing a new home from the ashes I met Marie Cunning, CEO of Andrew Morgan furniture.  She is an international custom manufacturer and designer and the most ethical, wonderful, smartest woman I know!  I didn’t want what anyone else had in their homes.  I felt that if my new home would be custom again why shouldn’t I have unique custom furniture.  Well, she made everything in my home and it exploded with positivity from there.  As I did too! Designing took me out of my depression.  We hadn’t just lost everything materially that we had, more importantly we had lost our wedding pictures, my kids being born on tape, all of David’s memorabilia, etc.  In the end, though, I was intent on being bigger than my misfortune and was determined to triumph over tragedy.  The feeling of “you only live once, live out your dreams” happened to me.

I personally prefer Old World, Spanish Colonial, but Marie, who is now my business partner, and I can do anything because it’s all custom.  It’s awesome because the clients don’t pay the designer three times more markup.  Most of my clients are pro-athletes from different sports.

From Atlanta to Oakland, David has been a member of a couple of teams? What has been your favorite city to call home? 

David started with Atlanta Braves…He is still a serious rock star there because the last time the Braves won World Series,  he hit the winning home run!  Yay honey!  Anyway, back to the question, he then played for the Cleveland Indians, New York Yankees (he also won a World Series with them) and we ended with the Oakland A’s (You might remember the movie Moneyball.  No scenes with David were true btw… He was the team leader!)  My favorite city to play in was New York.  I loved the people and they loved us.  I got a taste of what royalty felt like.  Haha, but NY has an indescribable energy that is so infectious.  So much fun!

Favorite city to visit? Favorite ballpark?

Anaheim was always fun because, since I’m from San Diego, the kids and my parents and family would come to the games.

What are your thoughts on the baseball wife community? What can be done to help provide resources to fellow wives and girlfriends? What role do you feel Spouses in Sports can play?

My thought on the baseball wives community is that we need to support each other not portray ourselves as women haters.  Baseball wives, or not, we as women need to be a woman’s woman.  It can all be gone tomorrow and a tragedy can humble us.  The majority of us do charities and love and care for our families.  Let’s push this more!  SIS is doing it!  We NEED a site like this!  So, to your question, SIS and my girl Karen Moyer are doing what it takes…let’s support her passion!

By the way, I always mistakenly say SISTERS IN SPORTS instead of spouses in sports but maybe that’s what I really mean!

What was it like being on Celebrity Wife Swap? Was it all you imagined it to be? Any drama that didn’t quite make the TV airing?


Regarding Celebrity Wife Swap…It was a great experience and so much fun!  People may not know but I come from immigrant families, very poor families, so I wasn’t at the very least appalled by a small mismatched home… But it’s HOLLYWOOD and it needed my extreme, and Dweezil Zappa’s wife’s extreme to make it work.  We all became friends.  It’s funny, while the show was airing, me and the other wife were texting each other laughing about show.  We did have emotional moments that of course didn’t make the show, but it’s show business.  I have no regrets.  My business and more are doing very well.  Also, we were the highest rated CWS!  From 2.9 to 4.04 million viewership!!

Thank you so much for your interest in me, I am honored.  Don’t forget that you, as SiSters, get 10% off my House of Sacred Flame accessories line.  Check out the Shop page for more information.  MUAH!  ~Rebecca


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