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LauraPro’s Latest Photo Shoot with Keisha Williams

LauraPro’s Latest Photo Shoot with Keisha Williams

Laura Pro, personal stylist to many Sisters, recently worked on a photo shoot with Keisha Williams, beautiful wife of Maurice “Mo” Williams from the Portland Trail Blazers.  Laura and Keisha were kind to share some behind-the-scene photos and tidbits.  Hear from Laura below…

Hello Haute Mammas,

I had the best time working with Keisha Williams on her up and coming business venture photo shoot.  She is Haute to Trot and looking good coming up in her business game.  She has a spunky fresh attitude and is beautiful in front of the camera.  This girl is on fire!

I was so excited to help put her wardrobe together and set the look of her makeup.  Working on her was so much fun because she was open to whatever looks I wanted to give her.  I was excited to master the look of beauty and flawlessness!  My work with High Definition Airbrush Makeup and some fabulous spring colors gave me a beautiful portrait.  The photographer Monique Feil is always a dream to work with and my head was in the game to make this photo shoot amazing for Keisha!  To help you pick new colors for Spring, I thought I would share with you all some of the colors I used on Keisha!

I went to MAC and Sephora to check out all the newest colors and get Keisha’s color scheme “just right.”  I love some of the new Spring colors that MAC came out with!  Some of my favorites are:

Lip Colors:
Liner: Color- Lasting Sensation: MAC
Pro Longwear Lip Pencil: Color-Dynamo: MAC
Pro Longwear Lip Pencil: Color-In Anticipation: MAC
Lip Glass: Color-Pure Silliness: MAC
Lip Glass: Color-Lychee Luxe: MAC

Eye Effects:
Eye Kohl: Color-Powersurge: MAC
Pro Longwear Paint Pod: Color-Rubenesque: MAC
Pigment Color Powder: Color-Rose: MAC

Cheek Color:
Powder Blush: Color-Modern Mandarin: MAC

I urge you Haute Mammas to get out there and have fun with some of these new colors! Remember, always have fun in what you do! Practice makes perfect!




(Photography by Monique Feil)


Laura Villalobos Laura Villalobos is a personal stylist who does it all - from hair and makeup to clothing. Laura is a licensed cosmetologist and Certified Makeup Artist with over 10 years of experience styling clients, including many Spouses in Sports. As a leading artist with her own company – LauraPro - she loves to create collections of stylized looks that are fashion forward and cutting edge. With a passion to inspire beauty in others, Laura is excited to share her expertise as a part of the Spouses in Sports team! If you are interested in contacting Laura for your styling needs, you can find her at Laura@LauraPro.com.