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Favorite Team Charity Projects

Favorite Team Charity Projects

I have had the pleasure and honor of being a part of many charity projects over the years.  As the spouses and significant others of professional athletes we are in a unique position to connect with fans through charitable endeavors that can make a big difference in the community.  It has always been so much fun to bring the wives group together and work on a product or project that will benefit people or organizations in need.

Charitable endeavors have included pre-game food drives, fashion shows, basket auctions, mystery grab bags, team cookbooks, calendars and more.  Out of all of these wonderful projects, I would have to say my top 3 favorite were the basket auctions, mystery grab bags and, my ultimate favorite, the team cookbooks.

The “Favorite Things” Basket Auctions showcased baskets containing our husband’s favorite things that were auctioned off to benefit the team charity or another local organization.  It was fun to work with the guys to put together their favorite books, CDs, DVDs and more.  This is something we could pull together quickly too, when needed.  I remember the weekend after 9/11 we put an auction together in Seattle to benefit the efforts of the Red Cross.

“Mystery Grab Bags” was another fun one!  The wives group sold “mystery grab bags”, each containing a baseball signed by one of the players on the team, along with some other Major League stars we were able to get autographs from while they were in town.  Each bag cost the same and the fans did not know who they were buying until they made the purchase and opened their bag.  It was a great time getting together with the wives group ahead of time to put the bags together and then also to walk the stands and sell the bags throughout a game night.

My all-time favorite projects were the “cookbooks for a cause” in which we compiled the player’s favorite recipes, paired them with family photos and fun facts, and sold them to benefit a charity.  Over the course of Jamie’s career, I have produced 8 cookbooks with 3 teams.  My first cookbook was actually for the University of Notre Dame, my alma-mater.  I compiled the recipes of 42 former Notre Dame Football players to benefit local South Bend charities.  My second cookbook was with the Baltimore Orioles, which got me started on the team idea.  With the Seattle Mariners then I worked with the wives to publish 6 cookbooks, all with different themes.  The first few featured general favorite recipes, then we got a little more creative, with the titles “Starters & Closers”, including appetizers & desserts, and “The Cookie Book”.  Most of these cookbooks benefited Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  We were able to raise over $1 million dollars to benefit their amazing research efforts to strike out cancer as a life threatening disease.

We had a lot of fun promoting these cookbooks!  Promotion ranged from autograph events in the Team Store, to launch parties at the Metropolitan Grill, to local news features, morning shows and even a feature on the Food Network’s “Ballpark Café”.  These cookbooks are a “tried and true” fundraising project and always a hit with the fans.

I could go on and on about this topic.  One of my favorite things is to work to benefit others.  If you are ever stuck for ideas or need advice as to how to best make a project work, please contact me.  I would be happy to help in any way, even help you spearhead a cookbook for your team!

Check out my recipe for Double Chocolate Brownies from one of the cookbooks here!



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