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Old World vs. Transitional Design…What’s Your Style?

Old World vs. Transitional Design…What’s Your Style?

Traditional Old World decor is my absolute favorite. The above pictures include pieces from my Rebecca Justice Collection – The Villa de Justicia furniture and my accessories line called House of Sacred Flame. (All made here in San Diego by Andrew Morgan – MADE IN THE USA!) Old World exemplifies my taste and the warm feel that old world gives. I sometimes call it Spanish colonial on steroids. So what is traditional Old World? Spanish colonial?

Old World is decor that pertains to the ancient world or a former period of history. Old world defines the picturesque elements that exude the charm and feel of villages in Europe.

I love Old World because it is classic, it has been around for centuries and will be around for centuries. With this style there are no trendy designs, just room for enhancement.


Transitional Home StyleWhat is Transitional decor?  When I think of Transitional (pictured to the right) I see clean lines and just a clean consistent look. Simply beautiful. Transitional decor is a timeless style but it is a mix between contemporary and traditional design. If you like blending your styles, then this is for you. What a great mixture. Transitional has also been referred to as an updated classic design. I definitely see clean and classic together. You can’t go wrong!

Ladies, I hope that you have enjoyed this month’s article on decor and design. If you have any questions or need assistance feel free to contact me at RebeccaJusticeCollections.com.


Rebecca Justice Rebecca Justice is a baseball Sis, wife of retired World Series champion, David Justice. She is a designer of her own iconic jewelry line, House of Sacred Flame.