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Q&A with Geeta Bishop

Q&A with Geeta Bishop

Geeta Bishop, wife of Minnesota Vikings linebacker, Desmond Bishop
, has got it going on!  In her spare time as an NFL wife, Geeta has created a unique TV morning show in Green Bay, she just finished her book about the life of the Bishops, and is expecting her and Desmond’s first child this summer.  Get to know Geeta Bishop below!


Tell us a little about yourself and your family.

Desmond and I both grew up in San Francisco, both born in the same hospital (crazy, right), and as both of our parents moved around the Bay Area in California, we both ended up at Fairfield High School.  There, Desmond was a football stud, and I was class president, and our worlds never collided until the last day of graduation.  By chance encounter, with his last name beginning with a B, and mine with a C, we sat next to each other!  After that, and 11 years of dating, we finally got married on the 12th anniversary of our first date, on July 21st!  Now, our baby is actually due on July 24th, which happens to be Desmond’s birthday!  July is our lucky month!  We are hoping the baby comes on July 21st!

We met you via your morning TV show with other NFL Wives, “The Better Half”. Tell us a little about the show.

The show was created almost out of curiosity!  People at work, or wherever I would go, would ask me if the wives were nice or if they treated me bad because I was a girlfriend (at that point in my life).  I would always respond “no way”!  Green Bay, where we spent our first 6 years in football, had the nicest group of women who stuck together!  I have never met a rude wife there, ever!  So, I thought it would be nice to show and represent women in a great light, and show how educated they are, and all the good they do in the community.  Just like that, with a few years of working with our PR guy, Brian Lammi, who connected us with the networks, and the show happened. It became the #1 show in its time slot both years!

What are some of the biggest obstacles both you and Desmond have faced as a pro sports couple?

Injury – it’s pretty much known that almost 100% of athletes will be injured at some point in their career, however Desmond had a bit of a string of it with being injured with the Packers, then being released, then starting on a rival team and then being injured the next year as well. We get through it by sticking together, through laughing, and sometimes crying for me! He is so strong, and the rock and leader of our family.  Injury to him just means a greater comeback.  He is my inspiration.

You two just published a book together. How did you come up with the title of your book, “Life Actually?”

People always ask me how it is to be an NFL wife, and they have a preconceived notion of how it is to be involved in the NFL.  So, when I was thinking of a name, I thought I would call it “Life Actually” to say ‘hey this is how our life actually is’!

What made you decide to write the book? How did it feel when the book was completed and published?

I quit my job a month after we got married.  I was not planning to do so, but since Desmond was injured I felt it was my duty to be there for him as his wife.  I had interviewed for a few jobs in Green Bay and had started to work on my TV show, The Better Half, even more.  Desmond suggested I do something that made me smile!  I had been dealing with several ups and downs, along with being in a new city.  Writing about our life, and how we got to where we were, it was a soothing experience which at first was not meant to be a book.  It just came about I met with a publisher and they suggested I publish it!

NFL wives travel quite a bit… Favorite city? Favorite stadium?

I traveled a lot during Desmond’s first few years in the NFL, with other Packer wives, and my favorite stadium was always the Vikings stadium!  It’s a weird coincidence now, but I loved being in a dome because I’m always cold.  Another favorite was the New Orleans Superdome because you also got to soak up a lot of good food and culture while there.  Only thing is they put all the Packer families at the top of the stadium where I could almost touch the roof!  Haha but still a beautiful stadium!

Do you and Desmond like to give back? Share some of your most memorable philanthropic efforts.

Yes we absolutely love to give back! Desmond has a foundation called Desmond Bishop Fitness for Youth Foundation. The mission is to help homeless children and high school seniors who are in need of college scholarships.  The foundation puts on a free camp every year for 350 kids!   

Each year we also Adopt-A-Family, which always brings tears to our eyes.  This year for Christmas I asked Desmond what he would like and he said he just wanted to help kids.  So, I found 15 families and we donated Christmas Dinner and Target Gift Cards.  All the parents started crying and made our Christmas so special.  Everything we do for our foundation has largely been because of his mother, Sherri Bishop, and Desmond’s vision of wanting to give back to communities that had helped their family while they were struggling several years ago.

What was it like leaving Wisconsin for Minnesota? Was it difficult leaving your fellow Packer spouses and friends?

It was a bitter sweet experience for both of us!  Sometimes I still catch myself saying Packer wife by habit.  As far as friendships, nothing has changed.  I am still very much involved in the area because of the show The Better Half, and still very much in touch with all of my friends there.  As a matter of fact we are going on the Packer Fan Tour this year, something we did each year as Packers.  We wanted to continue that tradition and connect with our friends in Green Bay.

What are some of the things that you and Desmond enjoy during the offseason?

Desmond’s off season is extremely busy so usually we take a week off and travel.  Other than that, Desmond is really focused on getting better each year.  He also tries to take some weekends to network with people for his post NFL career.

Life in the pro sports world can get crazy. How do you wind down from those chaotic moments?

It can be crazy and have some ups and downs when media is involved, but Desmond is so grounded and never gets worked up about anything.  I am so lucky to have someone who understands the world does not revolve around football.  He has so much more going for him.  He is a talented writer.  He actually just finished his first movie script, and is currently working on two more.

For Spouses in Sports, it’s all about the SiSterhood! Have you ever been in a position where your fellow spouses were able to come in and help?

Yes.  When Desmond was injured, my friends, Courtney Finley and Kristyn Roth both dropped everything and helped me get through it.  Whether it was giving me a ride from the airport because Desmond couldn’t drive, or bringing me dinner, they were there for me!

Not sure if you read the articles on debilitating brain injuries. What is your stance on the issue?

I have read so many articles about it, and it breaks my heart to think about those families.  My prayers go out to them.  I know a few of my friends in the NFL have been riddled with injuries, and it makes me just think about things that matter the most.  Family, not football, is always our priority.  I try to focus on the positives because there are so many things in life we have do not have control over.

What would you say is the best part about being an NFL wife?

The best thing about being a NFL wife is the opportunity to see Desmond live out his dream.  He loves football with a passion so strong, no one will ever know.  Desmond is like wine, he only gets better with time!

Now that you are familiar with Spouses in Sports, what do you think about the site, its mission and resources? Any suggestions?

I think it’s the most amazing opportunity to bring athlete wives together. There are so many ways we can all help each other and continue to create an even stronger bond with the Sisterhood.  Also, Spouses in Sports allows the opportunity for us to share our ideas, and continue to stick together even when the “Sports World” ends.

Anything else your fellow spouses may like to know about you?

I’d love to meet all of you ladies and as we expand our “Better Half” show across the nation.  I would love to have all the women as guests, or as co-hosts, if you are interested!  Email me anytime.  I love to connect with different women.  We can all learn from each other! Chanana.geeta@gmail.com




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