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Meryl Masterson’s Home Plate Cookies

Meryl Masterson’s Home Plate Cookies

Home Run Chocolate Chip, Batter Up Butterscotch Oatmeal, Pinch Hitter Peanut Butter, Strike Out Sugar and more, all for a good cause!

Meryl Masterson, wife of Cleveland Indians pitcher Justin Masterson, has turned her love for baking into a business, and, more importantly, a way to give to those in need around the world.

Meryl started baking cookies for her husband’s baseball team in college.  She continued sharing her cookies with his minor league teams, and continues to treat his teammates today.  In 2008 when Justin made his major league debut she thought it would be a great idea to send cookies to the press box for Don Orsilo and Jerry Remy, the Red Sox announcers. After one taste they raved about how great the cookies were for the entire game.  No matter what team Justin plays for, his teammates have become accustomed to the incredible cookies from his wife.

Meryl opened her own business, Home Plate Cookies, in 2009 to allow everyone to enjoy her cookies.  Meryl and her small team work hard to bake, package and ship her beloved cookies, not because she has to, but because she loves to.  Meryl loves giving her time and treasure to others and through her cookie business she is able to support a cause that she and her husband have chosen.  100% of the profits from Home Plate Cookies is dedicated to organizations providing care to orphans in the Dominican Republic and around the world.

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Home Plate Cookies has also created partnerships as they have grown.  Recently they joined with the Cleveland Indians to sell a “Go Tribe Cookie Box” to benefit the Indians Charities Organization.  Additionally, they created a cookie box to benefit “Not For Sale”, an organization driven to stop slavery and human trafficking.

To place your order for fresh baked cookies from Meryl Masterson’s Home Plate Cookies, and support her mission to assist orphaned children around the world, visit www.merylscookies.com.

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Meryl’s Home Plate Cookies and the Indians were featured in ESPN the Magazine (above).


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