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How to Get Camera Ready!

How to Get Camera Ready!

Hello Haute Mammas!  Tis the season for LOTS of picture taking.  We all love to take pictures, but sometimes we dislike the photo because we feel that it does not represent us well.  You’re not alone!  The camera can pick up light in odd areas, can give an overexposed look, or darken some areas and create shadows and lines where we don’t want them. Let me give you some quick tips on how to always be camera ready!

Tip 1: Always use primer after a clean fresh moisturized face.  Primer helps to even out the skins pH so that the foundation can be set evenly.  It’s the little things that matter and help give the look of a professional, flawless finish.  *My favorite primer is by Temptu.

Tip 2:  Always pick your foundations carefully.  Look for photo-friendly foundations that don’t carry Mica or other ingredients to reflect the camera’s flash.  Some of the foundations out there include luminous ingredients which are beautiful, but at the same time if you are going to be in front of the camera this will make your face look bigger or washed out and overexposed.  *My favorite foundation is by Makeup Forever found at Sephora.

Tip 3: Define your eyes.  After an even foundation, decide what look you want, always taking into consideration your own features and bring out their beauty.  You don’t have to over do the eye shadow, trust me, eyelashes and a defining liner will do more for you in the lens of the camera.

Tip 4: Choose a complimenting blush that gives your cheek a tickle of color.  Don’t go past the apple of your check and always sweep up your check bone towards your ear.  Sometimes a light bronzer over the blush helps to warm and add glow to the checks.

Tip 5: This is the most important tip of them all!  Contour and highlight!  *My favorite kit that includes all colors is by Sephora. 

You will need the highlights to add light to the areas where you want it.  For example:

– I always sweep the bridge of the nose from top to bottom to give a more defined touch.

– Add highlight under your eyes and sweep up towards your eye temple.  This is going to make your tickled pink cheeks pop and also bring up your face in the eyes of the camera.

– Add highlight to the center of your chin.  This gives balance to your face and helps give definition to your jawline.
– Highlight the center point of your forehead this helps balance the face nicely.

Contour is also used to define your features.  This can help slender a nose, add curve to your cheeks and define jaw lines.  Always use light sweeps so there are no lines only shadows!

– With your contour brush, lightly sweep the area under the jaw line in a blending motion.  Defining the line of your jaw helps the camera see the shape of your face.

– Contour is great for the sides of a nose.  Lightly sweep each side with a down motion.  This gives definition to the center of your face and can slim the nose or just enhance your feature.

– Contour the center point of your cheek.  This part is located in line with your ear and right under your cheekbone.  Start from the ear area and lightly sweep toward the cheek, creating depth under your cheekbone.  Don’t create a long line, just about 1-½ inches toward the center of the face.  This helps the face look narrow and slim.

Tip 6: Define those brows!  Whether you like your brows light or dark the camera won’t see them unless you define them.  *My favorite brow kit is by Anastasia. 

– If you like natural brows, try the brow wax.  This can help define the shape if you don’t like to darken the brows.  Finish it with combing the brows with Anastasia’s Brow Gel.  This sets the look and gives them a nice groomed appearance.

– If you like defined brows, color them in slightly using one shade lighter than your own brow color so they don’t end up looking too dark.  Finish them off with Anastasia’s Brow gel.

Tip 7: Choose a color for your lips and finish your eyes with some mascara or lashes.

You are now Camera Ready!  You Go Girl!  Remember have fun always in what you do!  Practice makes perfect!


*photo credit: Alex Calderon




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