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Holiday Decor: Maximize your Style

by Rebecca Justice, wife of David Justice, Two-Time World Series Champion RebeccaJusticeCollections.com

If you are celebrating Christmas (my favorite of the year) then consider these helpful tips…..

First, let me start with the Christmas tree. I love the Christmas tree because it’s such an open canvas just waiting to be adorned.  In my case, I smother it with décor.  My decor ornaments consist of iconic pieces such as saints, crosses, crowns and crystals – it’s definitely a jewelry piece.  My new addition this year is crystal rosaries.  I believe in bringing your tree to life with wildlife decor and pictures of your family used as fillers in the trees.  See pictures of my trees below as a reference.

When you set out your poinsettias, resist their mundane decor and do something fun! Cut the stem and put a single poinsettia in a vintage bottle and place these around the home for color and decor.

Make yourself, and everyone around you, look good with beautiful lit ambiance through candles of all types.  I love placing tea lights everywhere.  This creates a hospitable, welcoming, and warm atmosphere for all.

I think this is a cute idea.  Find a wooden sleigh, skis, and a pair of ice skates.  Arrange them in front of the fireplace or outside your front door!

The holiday season is a good time to play with your furniture and move it around. Blame it on Christmas.  Add colored pillows, and beautiful colorful throws, that show your style and flair.  A change of scenery is always fun for the whole family!


I have included some pictures from my holiday decor at the “Justice Villa”….SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO LUCY CALDERON FROM LUCY DÉCOR!  Lucy is my all-time favorite Christmas designer and expert.  Thank you Lucy for bringing my visions to life!  Check out the Christmas rosaries for trees or mantles or to be wrapped around urns…..she handmade mine for me with crystals, snowflakes, angel heart wings, doves, pictures frames, and crosses.  LOVE!!!!!!  Besos!!  Happy Holidays!


Rebecca Justice



Rebecca Justice Rebecca Justice is a baseball Sis, wife of retired World Series champion, David Justice. She is a designer of her own iconic jewelry line, House of Sacred Flame.