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Fall Hair Color Trends

Fall Hair Color Trends

Hello Haute Mommas.  Summer is gone and Fall has just arrived!  I want to inspire you all to change your hair for the Fall season.  Here are some simple ways to spice up your hair color and give you the change you desire.

If you are a blonde, or loved brightening your hair for the summer, you may be ready for some warmth in your hair.  Here are some tips for you…

  1. Add warm, medium-toned lowlights to your existing highlights.  Try using a soft, caramel latte color.  Just an all-over soft natural weave of this color will give you the look you want.  This will create dimension in your hair giving you a warm, Fall look.
  2. If you love being blonde, but now want to be a darker, warmer blonde color, then try asking your stylist to add an all over gloss to your hair.  Try a warmer, deeper blonde tone.  Think of a deeper golden blonde instead of a bright white blonde.  This will give you a nice change without taking away your beautiful blonde look.

If you are a brunette (like Rebecca Justice, above) and want some change, try some of these fun tips….

  1. Add warm highlights throughout your hair.  My favorite look is when the highlight is concentrated around the face.  This will give you a beautiful warm color pop around your face.  Then, tone the highlights with a warm caramel color that compliments this fall season.  Think of J-Lo blonde!  You can also try glossing your overall hair color for some added brilliance and shine!
  2. Give your entire hair look a warmer tone by choosing a beautiful red/brown color to gloss over your pre-existing hair color.  Think of a beautiful sunset.  The colors of red over brown mixed together can give you the bright luxurious look of a warm sunset!  This will give you an unbelievable shine and hue that will “wow” everyone!

If you rock an awesome shade of red hair and want to mix it up, try one of these options….

  1. Put a deeper, or warmer, shade of semi-permanent color throughout your hair to deepen the color of red.  Pick one or two shades darker depending on what color thrills you.  This will make it appear warmer and full of shine!
  2. Add copper highlights to your hair, complimenting your pre-existing red color.  This will provide change and the Fall color dimension you are seeking.  Also try glossing your hair all over to add brilliance and shine!

Whatever you do, Haute Mommas, have fun!  It’s just hair, and remember any change – little or big – is always fun and keeps your look live and current!

Sincerely, Laura Pro

*pictured above: Rebecca Justice, wife of David Justice, wearing jewelry by Rebecca Justice Collections




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