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Q&A with Melissa Victorino

Q&A with Melissa Victorino

Melissa Victorino, wife of Boston Red Sox outfielder, Shane Victorino, is in the middle of the World Series and all the excitement and intensity the fall classic includes.  It says something about her character that she still found the time to take part in the first installment of our new Featured SiS Q&A series.  Get to know the gracious Melissa Victorino below!

What are your favorite cities to visit?

This year has been new with all American League team cities, we spent all of Shane’s career in the National League.  San Francisco is a favorite to visit and one that we go to in both the NL and AL.  Shane & I really enjoy the food there! New York is always great – who doesn’t like NY!?  I was just in St Louis and their stadium is beautiful.  I had only been there once for a brief visit when Shane played in the All-Star game.  We also visited Baltimore for the first time this year and really enjoyed the beautiful stadium.

After the ALCS with Shane’s game-winning grand slam, thought we’d ask: Most memorable moment as a sports wife?

That grand slam had to definitely be up there, right along with his other post season grand slam in 2008 against the Brewers.  I would have to say the most memorable moment as a sports wife was being part of the 2008 World Series Championship and the parade that followed still makes my heart skip a beat.  I hope that we will get to experience that again in the near future. Words can’t explain how amazing this experience is.

Most unique welcoming gift you’ve received from an opposing team or team’s wife?

All the gifts I received from opposing team wives have been nice and appreciated.  To me they are all unique and special.  Some of the gifts that I have enjoyed receiving are the ones that are customized; it gives that little extra touch.

Worst situation you’ve encountered during a game?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have great experiences at all of the games. I do remember a postseason game when we won the NLCS in LA and my daughter had lost her pacifier and it was the last one we had.  As soon as the game was over and everyone was on the field celebrating, I was in the stands looking for this paci because we had a long flight back home to Philly, and so I missed all the fun.

What value do you feel Spouses in Sports can provide for spouses in the game?

Spouses in Sports is an amazing networking tool with a ton of useful information.  It also supplies a sense of “not being alone” and that there is other spouses that can “relate” to your experiences in this industry. Having a support unit (group) is so important.

What advice would you have offer for a new spouse/girlfriend in the sports world?

Respect other wives as well as significant others (fiances, girlfriends), respect the organization, be appreciative and remember that you are a direct reflection of your spouse.

Date night… Where are you and Shane going?

We enjoy watching UFC fights together so that would be our first mutually agreed upon date night.  Our other choice for date nights is live concerts.  We both enjoy music.  His concert of choice would be Reggae or Bruno Mars, my concert of choice would be more along the lines of Beyonce or Pink.  We both enjoy all music.

Favorite spot to spend nights off?

Nights off during the season are very rare and when Shane does have a night off it is generally filled with a charity event to attend, which we love doing.  If we are not doing a charity event a rare night off would definitely involve the entire family and something fun with the kids.

Favorite activity to do with your fellow Red Sox wives?

All the Red Sox wives are very supportive of each other. If one is hosting an event we will all be there to support her.  If the Red Sox Foundation is holding an event, there is always a lot of Red Sox wives volunteering.  I enjoy these events because it gives me an opportunity to get to know the other wives outside of the stadium setting.  On road trips we often gather together for a drink before heading to the game.  This last World Series trip in St. Louis, 7 of us got together and went on the Budweiser tour.  That was a lot of fun.

The Red Sox Wives are very active in charity work and philanthropy: What’s the most rewarding experience thus far as a spouse in sports?

All of the charity work and philanthropy work I have done with all the organizations we have been a part of has been rewarding.  I enjoyed the new events that I was part of this year with the Red Sox.  I had fun being a “personal” shopper for some young women for prom attire that was donated.

We know that you and Shane have your own Foundation, the Shane Victorino Foundation.  What is the foundation’s mission?  What exciting event(s) do you have coming up?

The Shane Victorino Foundation (SVF) is dedicated to promoting opportunities for underserved youth.  The Foundation engages in projects which provide children in need with educational, recreational and wellness programs.  We have our 6th annual celebrity golf event coming up on Nov. 23rd in Maui.  The Four Season’s is our host hotel and we enjoy every minute we spend there.  We have sold out every year since our first event in 2008.  Hawaii is a great place to head off to after the long season for a little rest and relaxation and of course a little bit of golf.  We have always had a great turnout with other players who have helped throughout the years make this event successful.

If you weren’t a baseball wife, what would you be doing?

I would be doing what I did before I was a baseball wife which was an Executive Assistant to the owner of the UFC.  I loved my job.  My job skills fit in nicely with being a spouse to Shane.  We make a great team.

What book are you currently reading? Favorite book of all-time?

I am not currently reading a book, mainly just gossip magazines on plane rides.  My favorite book that I have recently read is “Do I Have to Give Up Me to be Loved by You”  It’s an amazing book that helps you understand how you are as a person, and how your spouse is as a person, based on your upbringing, and how to combine that into a working and healthy marriage. I would recommend this book to all of the spouses in sports.  It’s helped with understanding myself, my parents, my husband and my in-laws.


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