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The Holistic Lifestyle Coach: I Love Fat!

The Holistic Lifestyle Coach: I Love Fat!

If you would have told me ten years ago that I needed to eat more fat, I would have first asked if you were seeing a psychiatrist.  Then, I would ask if you were going to buy me a whole new wardrobe because of those future love handles I was going to have.  It’s a shame that society and politically correct nutrition has made consumers think that “if we eat fat, we’ll be fat”.  You know something, I think the opposite is true.  Here are some facts I think you ought to know:

  • Sixty percent of the brain is composed of fat.
  • Every cell membrane is ideally made up of about 50 percent saturated fat.
  • For calcium to be effectively incorporated into the skeletal structure, at least 50 percent of dietary fats should be saturated.  Got Osteoporosis?
  • Saturated fats protect the liver from toxins like alcohol and Tylenol.
  • Saturated fat provides energy to the heart in times of stress.
  • The lungs cannot work without adequate saturated fats in the diet.  The fatty acids in our lung surfactant are normally 100 percent saturated.  Got Asthma?
  • Saturated fats play a role in maintaining normal kidney function, which helps manage blood pressure and filters toxins from the body.
  • Hormones require the right kinds of fats for proper functioning.
  • Your body cannot make stress and sex hormones without Vitamin A, which can only be provided by saturated fatty animal foods.  Got Libido?

With all of this being said, your fat sources need to be high quality for your body to effectively use them.  Toxins and chemicals store themselves in fat cells so it is very important you know the source and to make sure it’s clean, organic and unrefined if possible.  Meats and butter should be from pastured animals.  This is when animals feed on grass as their primary source of nutrition and are allowed to roam freely.

Some fats that you should avoid are trans-fatty acids (TFA’s), margarines and vegetable oils.  TFA’s are structurally closer to plastic than fat so forget BPA and avoid trans fats at all costs!  Margarine in some households is classified as a healthy alternative to butter.  Those that use it should know that some ingredients found in margarines include trans fats, hydrogenated oils, free radicals, synthetic vitamins, emulsifiers, preservatives, hexane, bleach, artificial flavors and colors.  Polyunsaturated vegetable oils used in cooking, frying and baking can include refined corn oil, safflower, sunflower, soybean, cottonseed and canola.  These oils are delicate and become damaged at high heat making them rancid and carcinogenic, especially when used repeatedly. Think: free radicals which can lead to disease or at the least, wrinkles.  This is why our beloved french fries have a bad rep.  A long time ago before the confusion with fats came about, McDonald’s used to deep fry their fries using beef fat which was far superior than the method used now and many remember the brilliant taste that came along with those fried beef fat fries!! Yum! Doesn’t that sound good!!!  Here at our house, we deep fry, YES, deep fry our organic sliced potatoes in coconut oil.  I highly suggest you try this, you won’t ever turn back!!!  You can also use the beef tallow if you can find it.

Here are some “super fats” that are a must!

  • Butter, REAL butter.  For whatever you do, do NOT shy away from this perfect super food! My daughter eats it with a spoon! Sometimes, I slice it like cheese and eat it with my dinner.  Pastured butter (coming from cows who graze soley on grass) contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, CLA (which helps the body build muscle instead of fat), glycospingolipids (protects against intestinal problems), and cholesterol.  The best quality butter should be deep yellow or slightly orange in color.  If your butter is pale yellow, check the source.
  • Coconut oil: One of my favorite, most versatile super foods!  My family recently started back with a daily supplementation of 1-3 tablespoons per day.  It is also very stable at high heat so its easy to use for every type of cooking.  I also get to make my husbands favorite homemade french fries with it and without guilt!  Coconut oil can be used as moisturizer for your face and body (but that can get expensive) and is excellent as an overnight treatment for your hair!!  This miracle fat also has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties!!!  Enough said.
  • EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil): Use this to make your own salad dressing!  Try your best not to use any highly processed vegetable oils which I mentioned above.  Most of them are also Genetically Engineered which I will get into at another time.  EVOO should only be used for cooking at low temps.
  • Animal Fats: from pastured animals only.  All of that good animal fat helps raise your sex drive and keep your stress levels down.  This is only true if those animals are being raised properly and they are in fact happy and healthy, primarily eating grass. Start researching farmers that raise grass-fed beef and pastured chicken.  The taste and benefits are amazing!
  • Full Fat dairy: go ahead and throw away that non-fat, low-fat fake ‘stuff’. Just kidding, don’t throw it away but just don’t purchase it again.  Thanks to Kelly the Kitchen Kop (www.kellythekitchenkop.com) for contacting Ellen Ussary to find this fact out:

§ the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21, Volume 6, Chapter 1, Subchapter E, Part 501. Item (3) states: Skim milk, concentrated skim milk, reconstituted skim milk and nonfat dry milk may be declared as “skim milk” or “nonfat milk. ” Item (4) states: Milk, concentrated milk, reconstituted milk and dry whole milk may be declared as “milk.”

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to drink processed, powdered, reconstituted milk, cream or yogurt.  Better yet, they only have to label it as “milk”.  So once again, the higher the fat content, the purer the product needs to be.  Therefore, preferably from a raw and organic source that preserves the quality and nutrients.

  • Cod Liver Oil: Contains the omega 3 essential fatty acids that most of us are deficient in.  Without proper supplementation of omega 3’s, we could be facing inflammation in the body, which could lead to numerous problems.  It also contains Vitamins A and D which work synergistically to improve the function of every system of the body.  By taking fish oil, you can see improvements with brain function.  The brain is made up of 60% fat.  Half is DHA which is only found in fish!  Be very careful of your source though because fish oil can contain high levels of mercury and other contaminants.

Politically Correct Nutrition is based on the assumption that we should reduce our intake of fats, particularly saturated fats from animal sources.  Fats from these animal sources contain cholesterol, something else we have been taught to fear.  The Food Processing Industry has done a phenomenal job at making Americans afraid of cholesterol.  I bet the first thing that came to your head when you saw the word was heart disease.  Did you know that cholesterol is a potent antioxidant weapon against free radicals??  Think again about protection from those wrinkles and disease!  Cholesterol is produced in the body and naturally occurs in foods.  It can also help heal arterial damage.  However, heat and oxygen can damage cholesterol just as they do fats.  Oxidized cholesterol can injure arterial walls and lead to a plaque buildup in the arteries which can turn into your heart disease scare.  Damaged cholesterol can include powdered eggs and milk.  When you purchase these reduced fat products to avoid heart disease, you consume the very form of cholesterol that can cause heart disease!

Let’s do a little recap.  By avoiding butter substitutes, reduced fat products and incorporating the good saturated fats in your diet, you just might see these positive changes in your body:  increased sex drive, a decrease in sugar cravings, weight loss, better looking skin and hair, increased energy, blood sugar regulation helping with adrenal stress, relief of depression, improvements of thyroid function, infections, digestive issues, liver support, etc.

I hope by making this change in your diet you will be able to join with me in saying I LOVE FAT!!!

Erin Romero

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Erin Romero Erin Romero is a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach, wife, mother and daughter. She is happily married to J.C. Romero, a professional baseball player of 16 years. They have a beautiful 6 year old daughter named Jazlyn. She enjoys traveling, sports, researching, eating real food, farmer’s market hopping, listening to music, reading the Bible and spending much needed time with family and friends. Erin was a three-sport athlete in high school and received a scholarship for college basketball. She was also an All-American college softball player. She earned a degree in Physical Education, but Erin knew that there was something missing. Her interest in helping others achieve their personal goals led her to developing her own holistic lifestyle business, Total Lifestyle.