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The Advantages of Private Travel

The Advantages of Private Travel

Let’s take a closer look at private travel.  Often viewed as out of reach, expensive and a luxury, there are plenty of reasons to consider the option of private travel that might surprise you, including convenience, efficiency and comfort.  Our friends in private travel helped us put together a list of the advantages of private travel.

Convenience and Efficiency

Passengers don’t have to fly out of busy hub airports unless they want to. If they live or work near a smaller general aviation airport, they can depart from there and avoid traffic typically found at large commercial airports.

You can reserve your private jet charter for the time that best fits your schedule.

No boarding passes, no waiting for flight crews, no commercial routes to adhere to, no security lines. While the aircraft captain has the right to search passengers’ bags, there is no line, X-ray machine, wand, or removal of shoes, clothing, belts and jewelry. Aircraft captains traditionally greet their passengers at the FBO and ask to see identification before escorting the group to the aircraft.

If passengers are late, the aircraft waits.

There are no plane changes during the flight, so no reason to sprint across sprawling airports to catch connecting planes.

You save time by traveling closer to your ultimate destination, often eliminating the need for overnight stays. You trim hours (and even days) off your travel time by increasing the number of cities you’re able to visit in one day.

There is a total absence of hassle at the borders if you are flying internationally. Clearing customs and the baggage check are cakewalks. In essence, all you need is your passport. Private jetting provides you the chance to see the world, unencumbered by the usual “rules”.

Even if passengers choose to leave from a busy hub airport, they depart from a small facility called a Fixed Base of Operation, or FBO. This cuts out all of the chaos of a commercial terminal.

Parking lots for private flyers are usually free and secure 24/7. And, transport drivers are available to load passengers’ bags onto the plane for them. Passengers are always with their belongings, so there’s no reason to worry that luggage will be lost, damaged, or sent to the wrong city.

Before landing, aircraft crew can call ground transportation so passengers don’t have to wait. Passengers arrive at their destination ready to work or play.  They save time and get more done.  They can visit multiple destinations in one day, or change flight times and destinations throughout the day as needed.

Comfort and More

Private jetting typically offers the very finest of in-flight services, including such things as custom flower arrangements, gourmet food, and wines.

The comfort and quietness in a private jet’s cabin allows you to enjoy productive time with your colleagues or intimate time with friends or lovers.

Almost all aircraft are equipped with connections for laptops; some have cabin phones and fax machines. Depending on the aircraft, passengers can listen to music, watch movies or even satellite TV. They can walk around and change seats. On overnight flights, if there is space, beds can be made up for the passengers.

Flying private is just that – private. And confidential. The only people on board are those invited by the lead passenger.

In terms of the cost, taking into account everything listed above, private jet travel can make sense if you analyze its costs against all the hidden costs of commercial travel.  On a private jet you eliminate the wasted time and stresses of long lines, crowds, cramped seating, and the inconsistent service of commercial airlines.  Additionally, if you have sufficient numbers in your group, you actually decrease the per-person cost by filling every seat in the aircraft.

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