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Closet Coach – How I Streamlined My Life

Closet Coach – How I Streamlined My Life

Every season I would stand in my closet and think, “Where am I going to put all of this stuff?” I found myself holding on to my prized possessions as if they were awards I had spent years trying to achieve. My expanding wardrobe came with me from house to house as my husband changed teams.  When his teams won, I shopped.  When his teams lost, I shopped more!  My purchases were taking over multiple closets, yet I often felt I had nothing to wear.

Since being introduced to luxury designer consignment website, The RealReal, my life has drastically improved.  When my husband’s contract expired, I had to clear out our Northern California home so it could be rented. I looked at this move as an opportunity to streamline my life.  I divided my wardrobe into first and second tier ranking based on the frequency I wore the pieces and how special they were to me.  My second tier items did not deserve a place in my closet at our home in San Diego, so I sent them to The RealReal to be consigned.  Within 6 weeks, I had a check for $2700 – and I was hooked.  I decided to edit my entire wardrobe and began sending more pieces for consignment.  Partnering with The RealReal made me feel like I had my own online boutique.  I would log into my account daily and watch my items quickly sell on the chic website.

One day, I received a call from Julie Wainwright, the CEO of The RealReal.  She told me that her team loved receiving my merchandise and how eager they were to see my next shipment.  The next week she flew to San Diego, took me to lunch and offered me a job as a Merchandise Manager for TheRealReal in San Diego. I was ecstatic and immediately accepted the job.

The RealReal is the nation’s leading online luxury consignment company and I am so grateful to be a part of the team. For the past year and a half, I have helped other women earn money for their designer items. We have over one million luxury-obsessed members and 85% of our sales are comprised of luxury brands. Our consignors love the White Glove VIP experience, which sets us apart from the traditional consignment process. A Merchandise Manager in one of our 17 territories comes to the consignor’s home to inspect, itemize and pack up the accepted pieces. They then ship the items to one of our warehouses in Manhattan or San Francisco to be photographed, priced and posted for sale on the site. An astonishing 75% of items are sold in the first three days of being posted. We also provide 60-70% commission, the highest in the industry, and pay our consignors on a monthly basis.

Many charitable organizations are seeing the benefits of consigning with The RealReal.  Women like Pat Smith, who consigned some of her designer goods to benefit her and Emmitt Smith’s Treasure You Foundation, are having great success.  Pat told us, “As I look at the revenue The RealReal generated for Treasure You, I am in awe.  This has been an amazing experience, so I had to reach out and let everyone know.  When Marie called me a few months ago to offer me the opportunity for this “celebrity sale”, I had no idea how successful it would be.  Marie has been a dear friend of mine for many years, so of course I took her advice.  The entire staff at The RealReal has been a pleasure to work with.  Their professionalism always made me feel comfortable throughout the surprisingly easy process.  The RealReal is absolutely fabulous and the results are unbelievable!”

If you want to experience the same positive results as Pat Smith and myself, consign your designer items with The RealReal. Embrace the trendsetter in you and Join the consignment movement today!



Marie Green Marie Green is the wife of Retired NFL Head Coach, Dennis Green.