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Wit & Wisdom – SiS First Responder

Wit & Wisdom – SiS First Responder

I am always so touched by how people react to natural disasters and tragedies in our society.  Most recently, I was awe-struck in witnessing communities near and far come together after the tragedies in Newtown, Connecticut and Boston, and after the Oklahoma tornadoes.  One of my most keen visions in founding Spouses in Sports is for us to create a team of First Responders for these times of need in our world.  Giving back to our communities has always been very important to Jamie and me, and I know so many of you share that desire.  The SiS First Responders would come together when tragedy or disaster strikes to pool our resources and efforts to help those in need.  Whether it be raising money, or physically traveling to a location to offer our time, or simply to share our hearts and prayers together.

Would you like to be a part of our team?  Make sure you register with Spouses in Sports today so we can communicate with you when the need arises!  Registering, and therefore sharing your contact information with us, is the only way we can make sure you receive all pertinent communications from SiS!  Registering will also give you access to our private Wall (All new-check it out!) and will insure you receive our newsletter.

Join me in sharing the heart of our SiSterhood!

Karen Phelps Moyer
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Karen Moyer A coach's daughter, MLB Sis and mother of athletes, Karen lives by the motto "Make Every Day Ridiculously Amazing". Mother of eight, she is also an entrepreneur, wife, and philanthropist. Founder/CEO of Sisters In Sports, as well as the Co-Founder of The Moyer Foundation, alongside her husband, retired MLB pitcher, Jamie Moyer.