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Join the Summer Fun with Sexy Beach Waves

Join the Summer Fun with Sexy Beach Waves

Hello Haute Mammas!  Summer is here and we all have our busy vacations and active lives.  Why not try some at-home simple steps to look your best and join the summer fun with Sexy Beach Waves!

Summer is here and beach waves are in!  Whether or not you find the time to actually go to the beach, here are tips to get the Sexy Beach Hair look at home.

-Wash your hair with a volume shampoo, but don’t condition.  To help with tangles it is good to brush your hair before you go into the shower and shampoo.  After this process, wrap your hair in a towel (for best results use a microfiber hair wrap).  Dry your hair until it is just damp, not wet.  With hair damp, you can start to comb the hair and remove any other tangles.  Find your hair part – thinking ahead if you want your hair to have a side part or a middle part – and comb the hair preparing for the next step.

No hot tools needed!!  Bobby pins and clips are all you need to create a natural beach hair look.  Working around your hair part, start from the top and work your way down.  Grab one-inch sections and start twisting the hair from top to bottom then coiling the hair up from the bottom tip of the hair into a nice round coiled curl.  Pin at the base and move to the next section.  Make sure to secure all curls helping you stay neat and organized.  Secure and repeat!

-Have fun and get creative!  You may rotate between sections with another technique.  Instead of twisting your parts and coiling up, you can do a very soft braid and then coil up and pin.  These two techniques give you a natural not so perfect beach hair look.  My favorite is to rotate between the two techniques and get creative.

-After all sections are pinned and secure, the waiting begins.  For a soft, loose beach hair look, one hour is all you need.  For the best results and for an all-day look, set the hair the night before.

-After an hour, check one section by removing pins and unraveling your braid or twist and see what it looks like.  If it’s to your liking then start to remove the remaining pieces.  Slowly undo and start to play with your waves.  My favorite finishing product is Sea Spray by Paul Mitchell.  This product helps to give the hair texture, giving you the beach hair you’ve always wanted!

-Shake your hair, flip your hair upside down, scrunch and play and use your Sea Spray to help you get the ultimate look you want!  Say “hello” to summer time fun!!!








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