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Q&A with Elizabeth Prann

Q&A with Elizabeth Prann

This past month we had the pleasure of catching up with Elizabeth Prann, wife of Baltimore Orioles reliever Darren O’Day.  Elizabeth is a reporter for the Fox News Channel, based in the Fox News Washington, D.C. bureau.  She maintains her impressive career in the fast-paced news world and happily balances it with her husband’s baseball career, also fast-paced!  We were thrilled that Elizabeth took time out of her busy life to share her story.

First, a brief bio.  Elizabeth started her journey to becoming a reporter for one of the top national news channels when she graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in journalism.  Her first job was working for Fox News as a production assistant for On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren from 2006 to 2008.  In 2008, Elizabeth moved on to become a fill-in anchor and producer for the Panama City affiliate of NBC, WJHG.  Two years later her career took her back to Fox News where she became a national news correspondent.  Some of the more notable stories Elizabeth has covered include the BP oil spill in 2010, and just this past April, the West Fertilizer Plant explosion in West, Texas.

Tell me about your news career.

I started my career early – even when my now husband and I were in college. I always wanted to be a reporter, but I wanted to be a newspaper reporter or work at a magazine. I had no idea that my career would take me to TV.

In college, I had a column at a newspaper and I also contributed to a number of magazines in the area. I always had a passion for crime stories and my favorite news personality at the time was Greta Van Susteren – she has a show at 10PM called ‘On the Record’ – she’s covering politics now, but before this she focused on crime. I emailed her and asked for a job! She answered!

The stars aligned and she hired me as her assistant at FOX – but always gave me a ton of responsibility in the field and in the business. I traveled internationally with her and learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined. After a few years I went into local news – and then back at FOX in our Atlanta bureau covering the SE region of the US. Now I am at our nation’s capitol – loving every second!

My favorite stories usually involve the military and their unbelievable achievements…. Meeting those brave men and women is always inspiring.  From day to day I cover politics, which I enjoy. It’s like watching history unfold in real time. Never dull.

How do you work your career together with your husband’s baseball career?

It’s a constant challenge, one I would not be able to conquer if it weren’t for Darren. I think our long history has a lot to do with it. Sometimes I think Darren knows me better than I know myself.  He is an unbelievable communicator and supporter. I was career driven in college –  and that is something he has never taken away from me, and, in fact, supported.

How do you stay close even when your careers have you apart?

There are always peaks and valleys, as in any relationship, regardless of distance, but Darren and I made a commitment to be together for the long haul. That includes the times which are frustrating. So we make time.  I also think no matter how tough the story or how long his road trip – at the end of the road we are waiting for each other. If there is open communication, there is no resentment or unease. That level of comfort however, took a lot of work. I used to look at the glass half empty when we were apart, like how long and lonely it was. But now, I focus on how excited I am to see him again. Or what we can do on an off day together – even if it’s just going for a walk!

Tell me a little about your story as a couple.

We met in a college speech class. I was always late because I had to stop by the newspaper newsroom before class and Darren always sat in the back. I cheated off his test because I thought he looked smart – turns out he didn’t study, so I confronted him after class and asked him WHY!?

It’s a funny story.

Outside of baseball and the news industry – we just love adventure. I’m from Colorado and grew up in the outdoors loving the mountains, and Darren is a beach/water lover. He’s always up for a spontaneous hike or dog park visit for our two pups!

Any other information you think would be of interest to this audience of Sisters In Sports!?

I think every woman needs to have a passion, and despite our husband’s careers, it is necessary. I am so proud of Darren – and I want Darren to be proud of me. I’m not saying every woman needs to be a CEO or a National TV Correspondent – because I won’t do this forever! But in the case of me raising our future children or putting my efforts towards volunteer work, I want my husband to be proud of me as a person and my character. He motivates me to be a better person.  I think women can keep their spouses on their toes if they have their own interests!


Jennifer Nunn Jennifer is the Executive Director of Sisters In Sports & Business Partner with Founder Karen Moyer. The two friends originally met at the Seattle Mariners where Jennifer was working in Community Relations, specifically with the wives. With about 20 years in sports marketing, CR & business development, Jennifer understands the #SisLife from another perspective! Originally from Seattle, Jennifer now lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and two children.