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The Elite Traveler: Resorts with Kid’s Clubs

The Elite Traveler: Resorts with Kid’s Clubs

Baseball season has already taken its toll on me!  I’ve moved 3 times in the last 3 months.  At the same time, I’ve been trying to get our newly purchased off-season home fully furnished to enjoy at the end of this year.  I’ve also been taking care of the dog, unpacking, organizing, doing laundry, cooking, folding clothes, and booking/tending to my clients!  The list goes on and on girls.  Oh, let’s not forget doing all of these things while still trying to look good for our husbands!  Geez!  I had to give that one up a while back!  Kidding.  Maybe not.  No wonder women have to get Botox and cosmetic surgeries….do men see the stress we are under?!?!  #pleaseletmebuysomemoresweatpants

We do not yet have kids, but we do have a dog.  Moving so many times throughout the year, while having an animal, is a difficult task.  Realizing this over the past 2 years led me to the question, “What if we had kids?”  I feel for all the mommas out there trying to pack and move throughout the season.  I especially feel bad for those with young kids.  The thought of this actually brought me to this blog post.  Truth be told, women are typically the primary caretakers of children.  Don’t kid yourselves dads – you couldn’t handle it 24/7!  Don’t kid yourselves though either Moms – you need a vacation!  A vacation that offers you a little help!  I have just the solution.

Cruises are always a big hit for people with young children.  Disney Cruise Lines is by far the top choice.  I’m not here to chat about cruises though.  I want to talk about resort vacations.  People don’t know this, but a lot of popular resorts offer kid’s clubs.  What some of you don’t know, or won’t realize, is that most do not allow children ages 3 and under into their clubs.  What does that mean for you – your arms are about to be worn down! #whydidyousendmehere

Most kid’s clubs take children ages 4 and up so the parents can relax and enjoy themselves while on vacation.  Some kid’s clubs are available for an additional cost, while some are included.  Kids do many different things while in the club.  They color, play games, swim, go on excursions, meet characters, and more.  Every club is different and just about every single one separates and caters to the children by age.  To offer a little more flexibility for parents, I will focus here on clubs that allow 3 AND UP, which are a little bit harder to find.  Some properties will at least allow 3 year olds in their kid’s club with supervision of an adult.  This adult can be a nanny or a “hired” babysitter from the property so there are ways around it.

Rather than going into too much detail about each resort, I am going to list them along with their location below.  I am also going to list the link for their kid’s club for you to check out.  I know how moms think, and nothing I say is going to make them feel better about something until they check it out for themselves!  One category will list resorts that allow kids ages 3 and up.  The other category will list resorts that allow 3 and up, but only with adult supervision.  Seeing that I used to work for Sandals and Beaches Resorts, I will have to say that Beaches has really gone above and beyond with their kids programs at Beaches Turks and Caicos. Take a look for yourself and please call for in-depth detail on any of these resorts.

Resorts with Kid’s Clubs for Ages 3 and Up 
(some will take newborn and up – call ahead)

Beaches Turks and Caicos
Turks and Caicos

Nassau/Paradise Island, Bahamas
Meal Plan Offered (Breakfast, Dinner)

Aulani Resort – A Disney Resort
O’ahu, Hawaii

Half Moon Rose Hall
Rose Hall, Jamaica

Dreams Tulum
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Resorts with Kid’s Clubs for 3 & Up that Require 3 Year Olds to have Adult Supervision (parent/nanny/property-hired nanny)

Grand Velas
Riviera Maya, Mexico

One and Only Palmilla
Los Cabos, Mexico
Luxury Vacation Destination – One of world’s Top Rated

Karisma Azul Beach Hotel
Cancun, Mexico

Lindsay McLouth, wife of Baltimore Orioles outfielder Nate McLouth, is a travel expert based in Tennessee & Maryland. Lindsay worked for one of the leading resort chains in the world before becoming an independent travel agent. Her specialty is the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Mexico, but she books all over the world. Lindsay is excited to share her passion for travel with Spouses in Sports and is available to help you with your unique vacation needs! Contact her at theelitetraveler@gmail.com.

Lindsay Mcclouth


Lindsay McLouth Lindsay McLouth is the wife of Nate McLouth, MLB outfielder.